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  1. I have no idea, it strikes me that ALL the spades on the rear are interconnected! No, I'm not kidding. Weirdest switch I have ever seen πŸ€ͺ Ian
  2. Ah, I hadn't realised, it's a switch, it's a switch that seem very difficult to get hold of, I'd assume run of the mill stuff like that was easily available fro EuroCar parts, no it had to come (eventually) from Germany. Took the old and knackered on apart, the sprung contact(?) fell out, can't be arsed to figure out where it came from but the of white base on the half to the right hand side is showing some serious wear, dunno, 'electricks' aren't my forte! Ian
  3. Topran? Is that the manufacturer of the linked puller set? Ian
  4. Thank you Silver, never thought one of my post would make it to such heady heights 😎 Ian
  5. Rich, why drill out the barrel when there was nothing wrong with it, moreover you still wouldn't be able to access the fixing bolt and as mk2 says, I keep the existing key/immobiliser. Mk2, the only part I needed in the end was the actual switch unit, the bit behind the key turn (see pic). The sleeve was a pain, the lip is 2mm at best so your average puller is useless, the use of mole grips is not recommended by me but it saved me from taking a 'kin great big hammer to the thing! The spring, your guess is as good as mine but I suppose it ensures the load through the steering column is constant (ish). I haven't taken the switch apart, thought I'd do it better following several beers and a decent nights rest😁 Ian
  6. Finally done it!😁😎 The procedure didn't start too well, could I get the steering wheel off, yes but after nearly an hour! My problem was the centre boss with the air bag would not come away, I'd love to tell you about some magical way that I finally discovered, but there wasn't one, just plain old perseverance and a load of swearing. Wheel outer came off easily to reveal this (1st photo, sorry I've forgotten how to insert pics) Next round of swearing! I had to buy a new three legged puller ready for this, it refused to work, the toes were too rounded to get enough purchase upon the collar, the lip can't be 2mm deep, I tried all sorts to get it to work but it wasn't having it. In the end I resorted to using a 4" pair of mole grips (rounded jaws) wound as tight as possible onto the collar behind the lip and the using the puller with just two legs. I think I got lucky here and off the collar came (pics 2 &3). I removed the interference fit screw, same 4" mole grips, and with a good bit of wiggling the barrel came off (pic4) this revealed the fixing for the switch (pic5). It may well be that it might just be possible to undo that bolt (note: it is a small cross-headed bold and not a screw) from behind, you can see a channel in the barrel casting leading to the bolt, it's a hindsight thing and frankly I'm not convinced it'll work as I seem to remember that it's in at a bit of an angle. Anyway that's it, I put the new switch in, refitted the barrel, replaced a minimum of wires, reconnected the battery and she fire up first ask! Hope this is of use to someone? I'll rename this thread to 'fitting new ignition, switch 2000 Lupo' if I can if not can I get an admin to do it for me please? Any question please don't hesitate to ask, unless you're going to ask me to do it for you, then please hesitate at length! Ian
  7. Will do, hopefully tomorrow, had to buy a hub-puller (arriving today) as I cannot find my old one anywhere ☹️ Ian
  8. Looks like an epidemic then , oh hell, not another ☹️ Ian
  9. Hi all Update (ish) Mk2, had I the time I was going to go down the route of a sneaky on/off switch, but I didn't think I would have the time, I ordered the new part from Autodoc, turns out they're in Germany, use an appalling delivery company , expensive and slow, so I did have the time, had I known! Also as quoted by Sarahs Lupo, no it's not possible to remove it from behind, at least on mine, as the only fixing is only accessible once you've remover the barrel! Unit arrived yesterday afternoon 1st Sept, ordered 24th Aug, now, where did I put my hub puller? Oh, BTW when this first occurred turning the ignition did absolutely nothing, no idiot lights, radio fan anything, last time I turned the key, whilst looking for the rearward removal, position 1 did become available, so I suspect something loose in the actual switch, Bah! Cheers Ian
  10. OK so tried and tried all to no avail, have just found this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EuY84R8h1hc , it shows why the fixing for the switch is hidden by the steering column, so it aint coming out intil I spring the whole lock piece 😩 Cheers Ian
  11. This it https://www.buycarparts.co.uk/automega/9011722? It's just that on the video mentioned above it shows only the back half of this unit being removed πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ Ian
  12. OK so it wasn't the 109, new one purchased and fitted, no change, BAH! So I'm pretty sure it is the actual switch, saw a youtube vid (https://www.youtube/watch?v=1z6RJetRM28) showing how the switch can be removed from the back , as suggested by mk2 πŸ‘, so I'll be giving that a go now it's cooled. Anyone know the part number or where I can find it or even how to describe it properly? ALL advice massively appreciated! Ian
  13. Is there nothing you won't do to your Lupo? 😎 Ian
  14. I figured out it was 109 but thanks for the support πŸ‘ and excellent advice. Tapped it, wiggled it, slapped it about a bit, nah, nothing, it just won't play ball, it's out and I'm just off to see if I can get a replacement now, have ordered one from Euro Car Parts but can't collect that until tomorrow, never mind if it is that and I can get another it's a spare, maybe the replacement won't last 20 years eh? Of course if it is the switch, no end of replacement relays will help ☹️. I'll have look to see itf it'll come out from the wire end, well I will if it cools down a bit πŸ₯΅ If it does need drilling out it won't me Mr Ham-Fists here doing it! Ian
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