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  1. Hi Mk2, thanks for coming back to me, you are correct, of course it can be resuscitated 😁 it's a right pain searching for the bits, think I'll get the old bits out and use their numbers, will I run into difficulties with the key coding or is that resolved within a different unit? Of course I'll let you all know how it goes 👍 Ian
  2. Hi Skezza, thanks for the reply, no, I've done nothing so far she needed to get in to open up the office and as I said she taken the damn keys with her. I doubt it's the battery though, the dash lights didn't even glow dimly and the battery was new this time last year, all tight, I did get chance to check that. Gut feeling says that there's a problem with the switch and it's subsequently blown a fuse. Ian
  3. Hi all (?) Looking at posts on here I'm not anticipating too many replies 🙄 though I shouldn't complain I visit here less that Father Christmas! But, just in case, the missus went out to her car ('90 SDi 1.7 Lupo) to head off to her office as normal, standard start procedure for her (although I was watching from a sixth floor balcony about 75m away) brake lights came on and I could hear the starter throw, but it didn't turn over, a couple more attempts with same result. I made my way down to her and Coldplay (cos it was all yellow) , I too tried but this time nothing, no brake lights, not even any dash lights. I have to say that turning the ignition felt slightly odd, so I'm suspecting that there's a problem with the ignition switch and it now blown a fuse? I have time to mull this over before I can have a further looks as she's cleverly stuffed the keys in her handbag and taken them into work, yes I did take her in and drop her off, so any thoughts anyone...one..one? Cheers Ian.
  4. Please disregard, have sourced one already 😉
  5. Hi all Haven't been on here in a while as I've move onto a Passat estate (can just about get the Lupo in the back) as I'm slowly shifting all my goods and chattels to France. Anyhoo the missus now uses Coldplay for her commute into her office, needless to say I only hear about any problems when it a. blows up, b. falls off or c. just stops working. c. the front wipers almost stopped working, turns out that the drive for the passenger side has almost seized up, so I need a complete wiper mechanism, don't need the arms or the motor, anyone got one they want rid of? I'm in Kingston upon Thames, so closer the better. Cheers Ian
  6. Dear NornIron I have just read through this thread (that's a lie as I only read through the first page and a half then consoled myself by only looking at the pictures) and find myself feeling impotent, inept and generally a waste of a decent SDi! Please immediately forward details of how you ****, shave and shower that I can try and emulate your achievements at the most basic levels. Cheers Ian
  7. Ah, you've spotted the flaw in my thinking, I have no idea, correction, I know what one is, just don't know what that one does, probably something to do with actuating the EGR valve but if it's showing it shut (or rather no through flow) I don't see, other than reporting a fault, it makes a great deal of difference. Cheers Ian
  8. Hi Can you not just block it? My Sdi was running appallingly, read up on blocking, did and now the car runs great, I swear it even stopped a slow puncture on the right rear too (that last bit might not be true ) cheers Ian
  9. Cheers Joey, job for the weekend I think, assuming I can lay hands on the G50, I'd assumed that was the part number but couldn't enlarge you photo to confirm. Ta muchly, will report back Ian
  10. Hi Joey I too need to check the gearbox oil and at the very least top it up, two, possibly three things I need to know, what's the part number for the G50, (just in case my dealership haven't heard of it either) what is the oil capacity of the 'box and finally where is the drain, hopefully the latter is obvious but as yet I haven't looked! Keep up the good work fella! Cheers Ian
  11. Ravensthorne, thank you for this, in the past I'd made a rather pathetic attempt at blocking the EGR, but failed at removing that damn fixing that the dip-stick attaches to. However, today armed with your WTF attitude and a newly purchased industrial sized pair of mole grips, I attacked the damn thing. There'd been a sort of 'misfire' on constant throttle for a few weeks, which was steadily getting worse (thought it was injectors or similar) but having read your thread I though sod it, lets get this EGR valve sorted. I did almost exactly as you, but didn't even check the state of the valve, just stuck the blanking plate in place. Job done, no more missing and (although it's probably the placebo effect) the old girl seems to pull better, that said I suppose she should as she no longer has to re-digest part of her own effluent! Haven't done the 'trunk' mod yet, but that will happen shortly too! Cheers Ian
  12. Yup, did that, was just wondering what you meant by "clock springs"?
  13. Yup, you've surpassed my knowledge/ability there bud! Clock spring? (edit) Ah, are you saying that the whole air bag containing boss has to be replaced or the trick won't work, so the clock spring is the circlip the retains it? Cheers Ian
  14. I'll probably come back to you on this, unfortunately the missus is using the car for work, I have to get the other 'car' (Frontera) through it's MOT (bad month for this sort of thing) so I can get the Lupe back to work on! Cheers Ian
  15. You'll probably tell me I'm a chump but I simply bunged each end of the resistor into the connector on the end of the flexi-cable, did I do bad?
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