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Lupo GTI oil sump thread


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Or rather, about the thread on the oil sump plug, not a thread about GTi oil sumps ūüėÉ

Anyway, just come to change my oil and as I was undoing my sump plug, bits of the sump thread were coming off with it. Then when putting it back on, it got to tightening it and it went very loose. Undone and pretty much the whole thread has disintegrated.

Can anyone point me in the direction of where to source a sump? Or is there any way to do a magic fix (I doubt it I can't think of anything). Anyone else had this happen?

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Depends what kit you have access to and how knackered the thread is. Unless you have taps the right sizes or helicoil kit the right size it is probably just easier to source another sump. M14x1.5 it looks like.

Sump off either way to clean it and get the bits of thread out. Maybe some metal repair stuff might work, but you'd still need to drill and tap that tbh. if you have a grinder you can make a rough tap out of an old bolt the right size thread by cutting slots down the thread for chip clearance and putting a taper on the nose of it, would work fine for softer stuff. I'd probably go M16x1.5 or M18x1.5 and get a sump plug to suit.



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I don't have access to anything ūüôĀ

I've put some PTFE around the plug and used some instant gasket so I can at least drive it to a garage so they can retap it or whatever they do.

Sumps look really difficult to source for the AVY?

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Very expensive to replace, iirc it’s over £100 for a new one - this seems to be one of those premium gti parts

Thread my sump had been destroyed, helicoil sorted it, but it was a complete pita to take the sump off.

AVY sump has 2 bolt holes for gearbox,  seen some later small block alloy sumps that look similar, and a lot more plentiful... but wether or not they fit needs to confirmed, £20 to £30 used off eBay is worth a punt

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The sump doesn't look that difficult to get off to me? Looks like dropping the exhaust off, 2 gearbox bolts then a good number of bolts around the outside? There's maybe 2 long recessed bolts also?

Now stuck wondering whether to just take the sump off now and get it sorted somewhere or leave it on, try to seal it enough to get it somewhere and let them sort it.


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its the recessed bolts that are painful to locate and re-install, dropping the down pipe is frustrating for me as I have KAM manifold - may be easier with standard, looks like you are mising a bolt at the manifold, its already 25% done for you! - I changed the 2 gearbox bolts to studs in order to avoid dropping the manifold. all this with the silicone sealer Idividually each stage isn't that bad, but combined  its not the nicest of jobs .

How bad is the leak? 

if you opt to repair yourself with helicoil, the diameter of the drill you get in the kit is about half a mm bigger than most drill chucks, you could get a blacksmith drill bit to use with a smaller chuck.

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I've put oil back in and a guy offered to tap it for me but it seems a waste to drive it there with new oil, drain it, tap it, new oil and it may need the sump off anyway.

It isn't leaking now with oil in so I'll leave it to dry properly overnight and see what the leak is like in the morning then just book it in somewhere to helicoil it. Cheers for the help.

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032 103 601 QA £156.77 inc vat from VW. Currently on factory back order so expect at least a 10 day wait for one....

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As suggested the part number for the sump is 032 103 601 QA but it is now obsolete.

Having checked ebay 1 has sold previously but with a different part number: 032 103 603 M (wish I had got that!)


Having had a quick check on mine it is also 032 103 603 M.

I have phoned VW and they say they have no history of this part number and unable to find any results!

So I think the only option is to try and find an alternative.

As @LR5V says there are some on smaller engine models that look identical and are much more plentiful.

Has anybody had success with a different part number?


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@James_VW I was thinking the later small blocks might work, such as in Mk5 1.6 golf such as this one: Wont Work!

It looks very similar to the Gti one - but comparing bolt pattern I can see a difference to AVY sump - the LH side top 2 bolts are set inboard and bolt holes on Tfsi engine are not elongated like mine below:


If you do find one that looks OK for bolt pattern and has the gearbox mount - Either kindly ask the seller what height each of the gearbox bolts are or the sh#tty option is buy it to try - return if its wrong.  My spare Gti engine is easy to get at if you need sizes.

These are the PITA bolts and because the sump has an angle it makes the RH side / front of gearbox mount look short - this makes some ebay listing pictures look odd:isDhC4.jpg

For the newer engines there tends to be a hole for oil sensor that needs filling up though, obvs it does not need connecting up, either source a used sensor or make a blanking plate and RVT into position.

While you are in there consider fitting allen key studs and nuts instead of bolts into those lower gearbox holes, it saves dropping the exhaust - or the entire manifold in my case - to get the bolts and in turn the gearbox out:


Good luck with the search - report back if you have any luck

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