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My best find!

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Greetings from Wolverhampton all. I've been reading a few posts from here the last week so I decided to sign up. Just bought my Lupo GTi last Sunday so I thought I'd share my loot. 

Imported from Japan, one owner from new, 60k on the clock. Pretty good find I think 😊

What do you guys reckon?







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Probably the same garage that sold them, he did say he had quite a few he has sold over the years. Who knows. I'm just happy I've got one 😁

Thanks! I don't think so, nothing I've came across yet, I'm expecting to find some yen or something down the side of the seats at some point. The manual was in Japanese but they have supplied me with an English one, there's some Japanese documents that came in the Japanese manual but I have no idea what they are lol 

I paid 6k

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I considered that one a couple of months back, but left it because of the number of things needing attention whilst being offered at a top-condition price.  I trust you'll have bought at the right price and will be able to sort the various issues without difficulty or undue expense. Though I eventually bought a black example - a colour I especially like - this one does look good in the photographs and I hope you'll have lots of fun with it.

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2 hours ago, TornadoGTi said:

What things did you find wrong with it? I haven't found anything really.

As at late May I had quite a list, (but maybe Winterstoke meanwhile addressed the issues), but if you're happy with it I'd suggest observing the old adage, 'Ignorance is bliss,' - there was nothing life-threatening anyway.

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