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Lupo Gti engine -spares or repair

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This is my Lupo Gti’s old engine. The timing belt snapped on the way home from picking it up. I was traveling throughout road works in 6th at 50mph taking it quite easy when it went. 


I haven’t stripped it down so can’t say what it would need to get it back on the road. 


It’s complete apart from a few coolant hoses and the power steering pump missing. It was a good runner. No EML or misfires. Still has coil packs and throttle body. 


Ideal if you want to build an engine for your Lupo whilst keeping it on the road. For parts to get yours running right. Even just use the head and gas flow it. 


£55 collection 

Swinton, Manchester M27








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If you don't have it Rich, I might. I'm not too far either. I quite like the idea of having something to **** around with on the weekends. Not sure how I'd test it though. Buy a Polo GTI with a blown engine?

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different engine to the polo gti.

also, I am having it and I would like more details on yours reedo. :)

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