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Volkswagen scrappage scheme


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discounts vary across the range depending on each model's cost but don't strike me as particularly generous if you were looking at an Up! at the bottom end of the market. Definitely not enough is on offer for me to consider scrapping one of my lovely TDi models


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It's only it for diesels. So I do not think that the amount of lupo/arosas on the road will drop by much.

Also the tdi is £30 tax. A new up is £140.

Also the tdi technically is still more economical. 75mpg compared to the up which the 60ps does up to 68.

So I am not sure why you would trade a tdi for an up in the first place.

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Aren't those UP mpg figures a load of crap anyway? I can't see how in the real world you can get anywhere near that with having to rag the life out of it to get anywhere.

Yeah the tdi lupo's are miles better. Cheap as chips to run, cheap to buy. Who cares about stupid emissions. I would never buy a car looking at what it puts out. These tree huggers need to lighten up.

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3 hours ago, weslangdon said:

other manufacturers will take petrol cars too so if you fancy something different you can dump the expensive to run, maintain and repair GTI;)

Only ford and Vauxhall at present. But Vauxhall have been running a scheme before this.

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