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Removing/bypassing immobliser

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26 minutes ago, Rich said:

if you're talking gti, I have done it.

i will do it for you but i am not revealing the secrets. 

It's on a sport mate

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Done it a year or so back on a TDI ecu so not sure if the same, used some free software and a KKL lead with genuine ftdi chip on and a homemade harness. I havent plugged it in a car it was just a spare that needed immo off to be of any use to me though so I gave it a go.

Think it needs to be done off the car (hence the harness) so it can be opened and put in boot mode to dump the eeprom, but i may be mixing that up with something else tbh.

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bit more information ont he problem may be more usefull, you could end up bypassing the immobilser and simply find out that one of the sub components connected to it is failing, like the 109 relay or the fuel cutoff solenoid, with Immo3  the instrument cluster may connected to it so as we found out with my sons polo a few dry joints was causing immobiliser problems for him

finding the problem and fixing it at source would be the way I would go but thats just me, bypassing would be a last resort


just a note if the immobiliser is kicking in the engine will start and cut after a few seconds, if the engine does not run at all then the problem may not be the immobilser

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