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  1. Aha, the window regulators are too fiddly for me! Not a problem on the rally car with polycarbonate windows.. maybe that’s the way to go lol. I’ll do some more fiddling around with the reg and see what I can do to free it up.
  2. Motor seems to work fine on its own. I’ve 3 regulators (new and old) here at the moment And none of them are “finger push” easy... IMG_4529.MOV
  3. Hello, recently replaced the regulator in my drivers side window and used the original motor. The window is very slow to go up and down, even without the glass in the regulator takes a while to go up. The motor also overheats during the process. wondering where is best to get replacements? Other than VW who want £280 a side including discount ...
  4. cj1

    CJ1's GTI Project

    Will get some springs or something ordered this week.. It's going to bug me too much to put off for much longer...
  5. cj1

    CJ1's GTI Project

    I wondered how long until someone noticed it... Yeah eventually I'll be lowering ever so slightly (30mm probably max) - there is quite a big gap. probably not aided by the 195/45/15 tyres... Not yet, still got the box sat here waiting to get it down there
  6. cj1

    CJ1's GTI Project

    Car back and the team dynamics on. I think this will be the further from OEM I’ll make the car look. Think it’s a nice change and the grey looks good against the black!
  7. cj1

    CJ1's GTI Project

    Nothing at all! All the little issues the car had have now been solved... So once it's painted can finally enjoy it without being annoyed by something not being quite right!
  8. cj1

    CJ1's GTI Project

    Update since Feb. Fixed another set of small yet annoying issues. Steering Column was loose and make a bit of a "clunking" feeling when turning, turns out this was the column not being held tightly by the bolt that holds it to the chassis. Tightened this and all is well. Door check strap replaced Rear brakes stripped and rebuilt to stop them binding. All heater controls now working properly as they should. Full service Cambelt & Water pump change. Finally ordered some new wheels after deciding a refurb of the Bathursts wasn't worth it given the condition they were in. They should be here this week. The car is having a full respray next week to sort out all of the scratches and dents over the car, hopefully after then it should be pretty much perfect.
  9. Wonder if that's more to the use, I have some series rubbing issues on the rally car too, this is just a road car so may well be OK... That's handy to know. Lowered too?
  10. Looking to fit some different wheels to the GTI.. 15x7" , ET35... Any issues foreseen with these? Or shall I wait the 60 days quoted for ET40 ones..
  11. Apologies this is very simple, I know... But how exactly does one remove Lupo GTI sidelights? (The complete light unit itself). Seems to just be 3 bolts, but does the bumper need to come off to do this? Thought I'd ask for experiences before just going for it.
  12. Pretty much. You'll be able to tell with a quick check, if it's at 13-14v then it's charging.
  13. Update. I investigated all parts of the suspension underneath... everything appeared fine with no obvious play in anything. Took the ARB bushes out and whilst certainly the original ones, they weren’t really worn at all. got someone (from the same household!!) to sit in the car and turn the wheel whilst I had a poke around. Nothing under the car, steering rack etc. And then being out the car was when I saw it, the steering column column visibly moves slightly when it makes the noise. It’s coming from the steering column for sure, I’d say it’s loose somewhere in the region of the black plastics covering the ignition barrel etc..
  14. Gearstick doing absolutely nothing. Given I can get it to do it at really low speeds I'd be very, very surprised if this was gearbox mount related. isolating one side sounds like a great idea. Will try and do that. Thanks @Rich - Never considered those an option. I'll jack the car up and take a look. I think I have some brand new powerflex ones sat around in the spares bin so will fit them and see what happens.
  15. Hi. I'm after the upper part of the central dash. The bonded in "T-Piece" above the part for the radio etc. Posted. Please message me if you have one in good condition.
  16. I've read a lot of topics on this, but none seem to actually cure the issue. So, is a knocking feeling in Lupo GTI "normal"? Is there a cure to this? Does anyone else have the same issue? Recently changed the top mounts and it's still there. More noticeable at lower speeds but is ever present anyway. Just feels like a quick skip in the steering wheel, a knocking feeling that doesn't seem to translate to anything on the road, as in it doesn't have a negative impact. Also seems to do it when going over speed bumps etc... Whatever it is, it's driving me mad! Edit: Car has also recently had new bottom arms, ball joints, and ARB drop links
  17. cj1

    Lupo racer

    Personally, I think the price is far too high. For 10k you could build one yourself to exactly how you want it, and also keep it legal to go on the road. This is going to end up sat in a garage somewhere collecting dust...
  18. Useful info. Looks to be the correct fitting too! Thanks for that. Don't see why they had to be different to the other models tbh...
  19. B&Q Clear tubing. About £1 a metre. Clips not needed!
  20. Just coming to realise how awkward finding wipers that fit the GTI arms is... Why everyone wants to convert to GTI arms is beyond me.
  21. cj1


    Whilst I agree with @LR5V, I would be more thinking of the belt tensioner rather than the alernator. Either way, it won't break the bank to fix. And welcome!
  22. cj1

    Cambridge Rear Lights

    As per title..:)
  23. Not surprised by you seeming frustrated. Asked about brakes and got told to upgrade the engine first. Actually I don't know for certain, but I think as the 3L and the 1.0 models all use 239mm discs, you could always try some race/track focused pads. I think these MAY be the same but please double check. MDB1805M1155 pads. Another option would be to convert the suspension etc to run the 1.4 16v / GTI uprights/hubs as mentioned. I don't know much work is involved in doing this mind. It looks from some photos that the front pickup points on the subframe is the same as all other models, with just the wishbones/bottom arms being different. It really all depends on what you want from all of this. Personally I would say getting the 1.2TDI to a place that would be fun on the track probably isn't worth the effort.
  24. Pointless. Cheapo discs and aggressive race pads.
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