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  1. Will a VW Polo 9N Four Spoke Steering Wheel 6Q0419091G fit my 2002 VW Lupo GTi please? If not what steering wheel would fit from another car? Thankyou
  2. Hello all. I desperate need of your help. I am looking for replacement of steering wheel torque sensor for my Lupo 3l 2000year. All I could find that looks alike is the one for Punto 2.0 1999-2000 "yellow". Does any of You know if they are truly compatible? Can they be used as replacement?
  3. Hello everyone. Does anyone know a supplier of a high pressure power steering pipe (pump to steer rack) for a Lupo 2004 1.4? Also, if one can't be bought, is it safe to fit a part made by a high level engineer? He works on JCBs usually, so I think the 'homemade' part would be able to withstand more pressure than a Lupo could generate. Thank you! David
  4. I have now accumulated no less than five steering wheels for my Gti and need to reclaim some storage space! So I’m offering the Gti wheel I commissioned from RSW Re-Trimming Ltd last year. Details are as follows: Genuine original equipment Gti wheel Rim thickened and thumb grips added Rim bottom flattened Recovered in smooth black leather with red stitching I fitted this in April 2019 and it was in use on my Gti for just 10 months, with 4,000 miles only covered. Condition is excellent, evidencing the very minimal usage I’m offering this – wheel rim/hub only, not including the centre pad/airbag-see pic 03-04-2019 – at less than half what it cost me. Internal UK Postage will be additional, at £15 Located in East Kent £105
  5. So I’ve been driving my Lupo 1.0 for nearly a year and I’ve noticed that it takes a lot more force to turn the steering wheel to the right than to the left. Would this be to do with the power steering? Thanks
  6. I’ve had the common clutch pedal box issue with my car and have repaired it myself. However after replacing the steering column the steering wheel can now move about an inch upwards with relatively low force. Also while turning the wheel it becomes loose and then harder to turn at certain places. Would this be due to some bolt I have missed out or something? If anyone could help me sort this issue I’d be very grateful! Thanks
  7. 54 Plate Lupo When I turn the steering wheel there is a strange noise, almost like sand between 2 glass plates, or as if there is grit in there. Does anyone know what this is and how much to repair (or how to repair!) Will the steering give out eventually if I don't get it fixed in time?
  8. Hi I've owned a lupo for a while now as my first car, but I've hit a pothole and need some help Basically since hitting this hole, I've noticed when left alone the steering wheel jerks to the right. If you imagine the steering wheel as a clock, it moves a couple of minutes to the right every few seconds. Seems more noticeable on acceleration and braking than driving at a steady speed. I've tried to research this online, and I'm getting mixed messages between "get wheel alignment and it'll be fine" and "something's broke". What's the simpleist way to tell what's wrong? I've rang a few garages to ask about getting the wheels aligned to rule that out, but it's low as hell and they won't touch it unless I know exactly how much it's been lowered by (which I don't as I bought the car in the condition it's in). Not sure what to do here, any help would be appreciated.
  9. Wondering if anyone else has any experience with swapping out the original Lupo steering wheel with a golf one. Is it as simple as taking the current one off, and putting a golf one on? Or are there any hacks that need to be in place for this to be feasible? Any information will be helpful!!
  10. I recently bought my second lupo and had driven it for half an hour when I went to park it in the drive way it started to smoke from the bonnet and when it moved there was no power steering and it has emptied all over the road, I've had the pipes removed and there doesn't appear to be a leak ???? Any suggestions or any similar problems
  11. Hello everyone, My girlfriend bought Lupo 3L 1.2 TDI. 2000 y. Problem is that steering in slow speed or parking is hard even for me. Does it has to be like this? If not, where can be problem? Also, seller told that in this model there is no power steering. Is it possible to put power steering from other lupo model to this? Thanks in advance
  12. As you can probably tell, no one is bothered about modifying their fox any more what i think is a huge shame. I have had mine for a few months now and am not a fan of the stock steering wheel but i really like the Lupo one. Question is does anyone know if it will fit the Fox? And if you have one for sale how much would you want for it? Thanks, Chris.
  13. Hi, Just looking at a steering wheel swap on a 1.4 TDI (02 plate)...was looking at Triple Square (XZN) M12 (12mm) sockets, but cross checking here, it looks like it will just be a 24mm nut. Does anyone know the torque setting, I assume use with thread lock. Also, does the steering wheel self line up? i.e. their look to be guides on MKIV Golfs etc.
  14. Hello, just bought my first Lupo Gti and i love it. The engine is spot on, pulls well, revvy, love it. My main question is on handling and steering feel, the Car is 2004 with 100K on the clock. It leans quite badly in the corners and the steering feels a bit sloppy and dead. Presumably it wasn't like this from the factory? what can i do to sharpen it up, and is it possible to make the steering more precise, maybe even remove the power assistance? Thank you.
  15. will a vw up steering wheel fit into a lupo as I've seen one that i really want and don't want to buy it for it not to fit
  16. hi, i am a new member looking to upgrade from the standard lupo steering wheel,i want to try and put in a up flat bottom steering wheel but a, unsure if it will fit, can anyone help?
  17. Hello, I have a Lupo Sport & I am looking to change the Tie Rods. I am just wondering if this tool http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/New-Steering-Rack-Tie-Rod-Knuckle-End-Track-Axial-Joint-Removal-Tool-28-35mm-/131725393083?hash=item1eab71fcbb:g:l3EAAOSwu4BVlqDx would fit the old knuckles? Does anyone know what size they are? Thanks
  18. Good evening all, Pretty new to the whole forum thing but have been amazed by all the knowledge on Club Lupo. Now I need some help. I have a 2001 SDI with about 80,000 on the clock. Problems 1. Power steering only works going right. I have topped up the fluid and tried to bleed the system but still no luck. Going left is much harder working against the pump. Turing right is not smooth it feels like it jolts and the power steering kicks in. I would love to tell you how it started but i lent my car to a friend as his car was in the garage being fixed and got it back like this. If there is anyone local to me (Salisbury Wiltshire) that has good knowledge of this to help. I have a few more smaller issues to fix along the way so this list may be added to. Hope someone can help.
  19. i was wondering is there a way i could take the power steering off of my gti and buy a manual rack of a old lupo? would it be a direct bolt on job? i think it should be as there are the same shell??? cheers.
  20. Hello, was just wondering how the power steering fluid can be drained? I want to drain it has it hasn't been done in a while plus i feel like a new load of power steering fluid will help keep everything in check. Any help would be great and Pictures will also be a huge help Thanks.
  21. Hi Guys, Basically I've got rid of the old coilovers and replaced them with new ones. They are TA Technix which are not the best, but I'm on a budget. The coilovers are adjusted the exact same height and are tightly bolted in etc. There is no unwanted movement. Yet, when I drive it's quite bumpy on a smooth road and the steering is light and pulls sharply to the right at times. I know that I may need tracking done, but wondered if you guys had any ideas and could help me out. Cheers
  22. so i bought this new steering wheel to put on the ratty batty but i can't get the old one off, there are three screws at each point on the back of the steering wheel, i went out and bought the right star bit and a new ratchet to get it off but still no such luck, they just seem to be spinning... is there any other way of getting it off? :/
  23. Alright guys, Just looking for some help / advice on fitting a Mountney traditional wheel, Any help will me massively appreciated! Right, I've bought a traditional Mountney GT steering wheel. The wheel wont fit onto a Momo boss as the PCD is a lot bigger and Mountney don't make a boss that fits straight onto a Lupo. I was looking at the traditional boss here (for a Mk2 Golf) and I noticed that in the description that is says that with the removal of the spline adapter, the boss could fit on later models of the golf. Now i've read that some of the later models of golf wheels will fit in the Lupo with slight modification to the slip ring. Am I right in thinking that if the boss fits later golfs and later golf wheels fit the Lupo, Does that mean the boss could fit in the Lupo with a bit of work? Or is it not that simple and its going to be loads of work? Thanks Heres a poor quality picture of the wheel
  24. Hi, I've got a clunk whilst steering left and right. I want to take a look at the steering U-joints to see if they are worn/siezed. I can't see a way of getting to them from the steering rack so i'm guessing you can get to it from down near the pedals? Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Dan
  25. just fitted some ap coilovers to my lupo 1.0L an took it for its first drive and the steering is out >.< if the wheels are straight the steering wheel is turn slightly to the left .everything else works fine an it was fine before fitting the coilovers .so if u got five minutes can u give me some advice please.
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