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  1. Alright guys, Not done much to the car for quite some time now, Not even cleaned it since September! Although i'm now running some standard sport alloys on 155/55 nankangs for winter. Will be rebuilding the front BBS in the meantime as they are leaking. Can't wait for the nicer weather to come back around in the new year and crack on with this now Some pics of how she is currently looking
  2. Hi mate, I payed £90 posted for the springs second hand off someone on the facebook page Not sure if this is a good price or not, I just wanted them haha
  3. Thanks mate These turned up int the post yesterday, Some custom springs, rated up to 2 tonnes so they are rather stiff! Currently got it sitting a little lower at the back, Still got half an inch to wind down on the fronts, then i've got he helper spring to take out. How much different will that actually make?? Will get some pictures this weekend. Will be terrible though, as the car currently has standard wheels on the front as the BBS are leaking air and need re-sealing (Sorry, its just a crappy phone picture)
  4. Not done so much to the car recently, Not since edition really. I've had the lower dash out again this week to sort out some wiring, So while it was out I wired in an amp so I can put my sub in and fitted the heater control dials from an Arosa as I think they look a lot smarter. Only got a picture of the controls Who wants to see an small amp amp anyway. Then today, I finally got round to fitting the lower front bumper with fogs i've had sitting around in my garage for months. Great improvement to the car I feel and I should of done it a lot sooner. They aren't wired in at the minute
  5. Just a few from Edition38 -- Was my first time going this year, Camped there from the Friday night. Was blown away by the class and quality of the cars that were on show! Really enjoyed the weekend and will be there next year for sure! Really really love the wheels, So glad they have turned out great! Actually loving the cream with the blue of the car (I was rather worried that it wouldn't look right). I've also had many a compliment on the wheels from many family and friends and I feel that's made them worth it and put a big smile on my face! Just don't overly like the way they ar
  6. Thanks man, Will definitely see you around! Where about are you from exactly? Ive seen one or two red Lupo's around the Loughborough area. Fair enough man, Great price on the sport wheels! Ive been running them too for the last few weeks. Think they look really cool. Got round to fitting the tyres and wheels today. Went for 165/55's all round. Took me a while to find somewhere that would stretch the rears on for me! I don't really have many pictures, But I have a setup for the rear suspension I was planning on using that pretty much got the car on the floor (even the standard sport w
  7. Ill probably be looking for about £230 for the steels as the fronts aren't 4x100 fitment so they come with adapters (why the fronts poke so much). The rears aren't the right center bore either and I don't have spigots for them. Small world man! So, I got the centers back from paint, They're alright, But i'm going to be keeping my seeing spheres peeled for some chrome centers! Also really annoyed that my new logo caps wont be here in time for Edition as these now let the wheels down. Hoping to get the tyres on first thing in the morning so I can madly rush with sorting camber/fitment!
  8. Cool, Might see you around at somepoint then at some of the meets then. Some one in my family bought the black one off me so I still get to see it around, even if it is back to standard The bandeds are sitting in my garage doing nothing now. Probably going to be up for sale once the BBS are on. Thanks man! Thanks man, I've put a more money into them than initially planned, But they have turned out far better than I imagined they would. I've fallen in love with them too
  9. Alright guys, Not much been happening with the actual car apart from having the arches rolled the weekend just gone.. But I now have a new set of wheels! I bought an old set of BBS RM's that were pretty dire, The dishes were proper had it and the paint was all chipping off, But I got them at a really good price! This is how they were when I picked them up, 15 x 6.5j Bought them about a month and a half ago now and since then have been accumulating new parts for them. I got them back from the powder coaters today and built up one of the rears straight away. I bought some standard 0.5"
  10. Its just a Mountney boss for a Mk2 golf from VW Heritage
  11. Alright chaps, Not sure anyone's interesterd, but here goes haha Been a while, There's been a few changes to the car, But its going a bit slow at the minute as I don't have the need to drive the car much as I get lifts to a from work, But here is whats happened over the last few months. Recently got round to fitting a rear Sharan badge as I think the standard one is far too mahooosive! Once I got that on the car, I got round to giving it a quick wash as she was filthy and she turned out alright for a quick once over A few weeks back I made a 6 hour round trip to get some new front
  12. Give this a read mate, Should explain it. http://www.forum.dirtystancing.com/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=43
  13. Hey guys, Hope you are all well Tried removing the headlight surround today so I could change the headlights, but the small white clips at the far ends snapped (as seen in the picture below) Just wondering where I might be able to get some spare / replacement clips from and if anyone could point me in the right direction please And while we are here, Could someone please explain the correct method of removing this headlight surround / grill trim please? Just so I dont snap bits up next time, Would be much appreciated! Many Thanks
  14. Thanks for that mate, I got fed up waiting around for someone to answer as im so impatient haha, I went ahead and ordered that mk2 boss! Good to kmow I made the right choice
  15. Alright guys, Just looking for some help / advice on fitting a Mountney traditional wheel, Any help will me massively appreciated! Right, I've bought a traditional Mountney GT steering wheel. The wheel wont fit onto a Momo boss as the PCD is a lot bigger and Mountney don't make a boss that fits straight onto a Lupo. I was looking at the traditional boss here (for a Mk2 Golf) and I noticed that in the description that is says that with the removal of the spline adapter, the boss could fit on later models of the golf. Now i've read that some of the later models of golf wheels will fit in the
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