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  1. I’ve taken out the old release cable, the half that goes into the footwell, and I when I’ve put the new one in I’m left with about 10 inches of extra cable. I have probably routed the cable wrong. Any ideas how to fix it? Thanks
  2. So I was in traffic for about half an hour and my temperature gauge decided to shoot up! Never noticed the fan not kicking in and when I pulled over to check the fan wasn’t turning while the engine was on. I’ve read this might be the temp gauge in the radiator but is there any way to check this? Which wires should I jump etc. thanks
  3. Okay I think I’ve fixed it! So I noticed my steering wheel wobbled around a bit. I checked the bolts holding the steering column in and the right one had stripped out. I’m pretty sure this happened when replacing the Pedal box. Anyway now that the bolt is replaced it feels as if the imbalance has gone! Thank you all for the help!
  4. I’ve got the front end of the car up and the issue doesn’t seem to be there anymore apart from when it’s on the ground. It’s more noticeable when driving. Any ideas?
  5. So I’ve been driving my Lupo 1.0 for nearly a year and I’ve noticed that it takes a lot more force to turn the steering wheel to the right than to the left. Would this be to do with the power steering? Thanks
  6. Okay thanks do you know what I’ve got to take off to get there / any diagrams or anything. Thanks
  7. Hello, my gear linkage is heavy when moving the stick forwards and backwards. I’m guessing this is the cable or something connecting the gear lever to the box? Any ideas what I could do to fix this? thanks
  8. Thanks!!! I’ve just checked and yeah that was the issue!!
  9. Hello thanks for the fast reply! i believe it’s only the two sheer bolts holding the steering column in? When the steering wheel moves it appears as if it’s from the height adjustment thingy however I can’t stop this from happening even with pulling the lever up. Also does anyone have a diagram of the column as this might help? thanks
  10. I’ve had the common clutch pedal box issue with my car and have repaired it myself. However after replacing the steering column the steering wheel can now move about an inch upwards with relatively low force. Also while turning the wheel it becomes loose and then harder to turn at certain places. Would this be due to some bolt I have missed out or something? If anyone could help me sort this issue I’d be very grateful! Thanks
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