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  1. bruv, my fox is dead compared please let me know what this splitter and wing is
  2. Got the wheels back from SmartWheelsManchester for a full powder coat in matte silver. Very similar to the colour already on them. Removed the helpers and rear adjuster and it sits perfect on the rear. Now wanting new stiffer springs for the front to go a little bit lower and to stop me hitting the bump stops. Custom exhaust within a few weeks, straight pipe to a silencer.
  3. Hi mate I just bought some 16" wheels and they fit really nice. The car is stupidly high from standard so i put it on some FK AK coilovers of eBay and lowered them all the way there is a lot of adjustment on the coilover so you don't have to do really low. i still need to put tires on the wheels and will see if i have any trouble with them im just using the standard wheels now. I also have a VW Lupo steering wheel i need to see if it will fit or not. I would say the main mods should be coilovers, wheels, interior parts and tints. My thread isn't hard to find because i don't think the Fox is a very popular car in the scene, have a look and let me know what you think.
  4. As you can probably tell, no one is bothered about modifying their fox any more what i think is a huge shame. I have had mine for a few months now and am not a fan of the stock steering wheel but i really like the Lupo one. Question is does anyone know if it will fit the Fox? And if you have one for sale how much would you want for it? Thanks, Chris.
  5. Been a busy few weeks, had the roller bearing pop on both of the front coilovers think it must be down to putting so much pressure on new coilovers when they are maxed out or maybe hitting a pothole to hard i don't know. Bought some wheels the other day and i am more than happy with the test fit, they are Atura by O.Z wheels 16" by 7.5j looking to take the helpers out when i get tires and maybe take the adjustment out of the rear ones that should drop it 3" on the front and about 30mm on the rear.
  6. looks good man, i just got new wheels for mine.
  7. Post A Picture Of Your VW Fox Link your Instagram See how well this goes Ill start https://www.instagram.com/r4key/
  8. I got bored so i decided to Photoshop my dream fox front view is with Land Rover Mondials. Rear view is of banded steels with WeAreLikewise Royals. Post a pic of your car and what you want doing i will do it when im free.
  9. Lowered the car this week on FK Street Coilovers haven't been for a drive yet. I have been told they will settle in a few mm when i put some miles on them so more of a drop than in the photos, i also did a rear wiper delete for the Fox from KillAllWipers it looks ok for the price and also a delete of the silver Fox lettering on the rear. New wheels soon i think might go for some 16" OEM alloys.
  10. Sprayed my badges black and got my number plates on, coilovers coming any time soon
  11. Just got my first car an 08' VW Fox. The front bumper needed a respray so i got it smoothed at the same time. Getting it as low as i can next, anyone had and experience with how low you can actually go with the car? I have looked underneath and there is about 120mm clearance for the lowest point under the car? Dont want flush or poke just a nice fitment. I am hoping to get some 15' banded steels staggered but i'm going to leave that for a later date. Any feedback will be appreciated.
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