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  1. Lupo GTI rear spoiler. DOES NOT INCLUDE BRAKE LIGHT this was damaged. There is also some damage on the near side underside of the spoiler as well. £70 collected or £75 posted Ono.
  2. Hi, my daughter has a 2008 VW Fox 3dr (1.2) and has a problem with its rear wiper. At first I thought it was the motor, but upon investigation, I now think it may be a problem with the power to it. The fuses are OK, and I can hear the pump work when trying to use the washers. I’ve checked the supply to the unit, and only getting 5v? The reason why I also mentioned the washer, is because when getting access to the motor, I noticed the boot was wet and a smell of the washer fluid was in the boot. It was wet on the passenger side in the boot and I noticed dripping underneath the passenger door? how do I get access to where the power and washer pipe runs? Is there a separate unit in the rear which may have a fault due to the water escaping somewhere? thanks in advance steve
  3. Racheeeel

    Rear Axle

    I’m looking for a rear Axle ideally with Discs etc. Postage to Aberdeenshire also required if not local. Thanks, Rachel
  4. Hello I really want camber on rear and I've heard you can do it with washers? Can someone tell me how to or post a link where it says how? Cheers Tom
  5. Hi all, just wanted to know which rear wipers on other models of VW fit a 1.0 Lupo? Hear about ones like aero blades and things like that but not too sure what I should be looking for. Cheers, Luke
  6. Hi all my first post ! I am after a rear bumper for my lovely silver lupo tdi sport…preferably in silver and excellent condition will consider other colours though if no damage ! Many thanks i'm on south coast at bournemouth
  7. Hi i recently bought some 60mm front/rear springs it was lowerd 40mm before change and the fronts perfect but for some reason the rear has gone up I have left them to settle a few weeks and still high please help any advice would be great thanks
  8. Description: VW Lupo boot spoiler. Bought about 3 years ago with the intention of fitting to my 1.4 sport. Never got round to fitting it and it's been laid in the loft since! It is an MS Designs spoiler and it's in yellow but will need a coat of paint. There is a small crack to one side of the spoiler but if it's getting painted anyway a decent bodyworker will have it all sorted in the prep for painting. It took me ages to find this spoiler and would make a nice addition to someone's car. Message me if interested Location: East Yorkshire Postage: Collection preferred but could maybe sort out courier. Will discuss prior to sale Price: £90 Contact: 07506757337 or message here (texts would be preferred)
  9. Hi all, is anyone selling a metallic green rear bumper in excellent condition in the Liverpool area? Cheers, Luke
  10. Rear wiper motor stopped spaying and started leaking into the tailgate, new motor £120 + ouch, Ebay £35 much better, arrived wel boxed didn't work GRRRRR. so simple rebuild instructions for the rear wiper motor. Remove the wiper arm, carefully pull off the plastic washer jet while it's still on the car as it's much easier. remove the trim panel, remove the hose and the connector. undo the 3 nuts drop off the motor. Remove the back panel use TORX bit. if like me your spay tube is broken in half you will need to drill out the tube which is brass at 3.2mm. ( It fails because the steel rusts expands grips the tube and snaps it when it wipes then it starts leaking) I used the new motor as a donor to replace the tube, drill out the steel at 3.5mm or 3.75 if you have it. I didn't so I used wet and dry wrapped around a 1mm drill to smooth out the bore to get a good sliding fit. Plenty of grease on tube and re-assemble and re-fit.
  11. Hello people, The amount of you lovely people out there who dewiper the rear windscreen one of you must have the motor knocking round clogging up valuable storage space that you need back. If so please get in touch! Thanks Matt
  12. Hi i recently bought some 60mm front/rear springs it was lowerd 40mm before change and the fronts perfect but for some reason the rear has gone up I have left them to settle a few weeks and still high please help any advice would be great thanks
  13. Lupo rear lights for sale in good condition. need these gone asap. £35 posted
  14. Is this part replaceable? I have to remove the window so i can clean all the corrosion and paint fresh, but i want to know if the seal holding the window can be ordered from VW. Maybe someone knows the code? Thanks!
  15. Wondering if there is any way I can get lower on the rear of my lupo without having to get custom springs? I've taken the adjusters out and it is still to high, just wanting to know of there is anything else I can do? Also heard heating them up to compress them is a bad idea.
  16. Hi Guys, Having a intermittent fault with my side lamps, the left hand side (front and rear) occasionaly do not come on however, always work with the parking lights?? Could this be a dodgy switch? massive pain in the but and got the MOT coming up in august so want to fix it in plently of time before the MOT! Cheers, rob.
  17. Hey Everyone, My Girlfriend has a Bright yellow lupo! It has it's MoT coming up very soon and the rear window wiper jet won't spray the wiper fluid, I'll be having a look this evening. I've heard this is a common problem is there anything I should be looking for? Cheers!
  18. Hello people , quick question. Bought Cambridge lights and need to know how to remove the orange lenses (de-tango) them. Thanks in advance
  19. Camber bolts... yes or no? Contemplating them as my front wheels rub on my arches over bumps and on full lock so I was just thinking of whacking a bit of negative on them to tuck them in. Anyone got front bolts? and have you had any problems or troubles with them? Also been looking at shims for my rears to get about -2. Any advice or suggestions wecome
  20. Hai guys, I have this type of rear headrests and i want to trim those metal rods so the headrests fit more flush, but idk how to remove the fabric, then the plastic, foam, w/ever Tried reading the How-To, but that's a rounder headrest, doesn't help to much. Thanks!
  21. Trx 33

    Rear axle ABS

    Is it possible to do a gti/sport rear axle conversion on a car without ABS?
  22. Just picked up my new car which had previously had Cambridge edition rear lights, these were switched back to standard Arosa Mk2 lights for the sale, all the fuses were blown so i replaced them and they blew all over again. Different wiring. While rectifying the problem i found a load of spliced wires and it occurred to me that not many people know how to correctly swap connections in terminals so i decided to write up this little how to. Here goes: This is the spliced loom how i got it (bar pin 6 which i fixed before thinking about making a how to). If this mod was done the 'correct' way, it would be a lot quicker to revert and a lot neater. Step 1: Insert a small screwdriver or something similar to pry each end of the retainer. This block is for the rear lights, the retainer on the connector block for the radio will be a slider that pulls out the center of the block. NOTE: MOST BLOCKS CONTAIN RETAINERS. INSPECT THE BLOCK THOROUGHLY BEFORE ATTEMPTING ANY EXTRACTION. This will be what it looks like open: Step 2: Insert something into the connector block from the front on either side of the pin to compress the tabs, you should feel/hear a small click or pop, this indicates the pin should be free. For this i used a staple from an electric stapler/nail gun. Not the greatest picture but you can just see on pin 5 (red and black) the staple pushing down on the tabs. Step 3: Extract the pins and swap around. Its that easy. A picture of the loom tidied up - all wires heat shrank up, then bound with insulating tape for water proofing and bound again with loom tape for strength.
  23. Hey everyone, I've searched everywhere internet, manual and still cant find the size of the volkswagen fox rear wiper blade . I know that vw themselves will know but i dont want to pay out a fortune for one. Does anyone know the size? Thanks
  24. My rear drivers side light is not working but when the keys are out and the indicator is up I works Checked every thing couldn't find any thing wrong anyone have any ideas Thanks leighton Sorry for lack of punctuation !
  25. BenStanden


    Hey guy's i was wondering where the best plave or way to get a 1 peice spoiler for a 1999 1l lupo? I've already been browsing the net and found some for like £180 but was looking for something more under £100.
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