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  1. Racheeeel

    Rear Axle

    Everything else seems to have escaped such bad corrosion. It’s a strange one! So my options for an axle are 6N2 and Arosa or Lupo is that right? Is a 6N2 disks on the rear? How much hassle is going from hubs to disks?
  2. Racheeeel

    Rear Axle

    You don’t say 😂 Yeah it has always been here - It’s a cracker of a car, every piece of documentation and I just can’t bring myself to give up on it. It’s been sealed a bit underneath but the axle has taken a beating. With just 70,000 miles on the clock it’s shocking! Contacted local dismantlers but no luck. Contacted a few eBay breaking for spares but nothing so far.
  3. Racheeeel

    Rear Axle

    It would appear I have a slight issue...
  4. Racheeeel

    Rear Axle

    I haven’t seen any of these replies until now, notifications must go to junk these days. It’s for a 2001 1.4 would a 6n2 bolt straight on to it? Or what would the difference be in a Lupo GTI set up?
  5. Racheeeel

    Rear Axle

    I’m looking for a rear Axle ideally with Discs etc. Postage to Aberdeenshire also required if not local. Thanks, Rachel
  6. Is it Possible to get the grill support (Where the indicators are held) If so how much posted?
  7. I recently bought a cheap central locking kit off of ebay to fit to my 2000 1.0L E model lupo. I understand the basic wiring and set up. However does anyone have a diagram or picture of them doing this for some extra help? That is if the bloody snow clears to get it fitted Thanks in advance
  8. Halfords sell them for £1.30 or something for a pack of 10. Bring one in and they will show you Hope that helps
  9. How much for wing mirror covers? Just the covers not the whole base?
  10. Howdy! As said, best to check the Readers Rides for ideas, will be looking out for the fellow loop when i'm out and about, Especially another checkered one
  11. 1. Daz 2. Bigfoot 3. Silver! (date, time and location dependant) 4. Greig - If i get the lupo back! 5. Matty - depending on if i still have it when it happens lol 6. Bluloop (also date, time and location dependant) 7. Skint (also date, time and location dependant) ) 8. jamie. (also date, time and location dependant) )
  12. Coilovers came and fitted, looks alot better now but will be lower
  13. Going to get a smaller lip for the MB's so i will have them fitted at some point
  14. Yes - it is 2006 but... ok now i'm confused :S haha
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