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  1. Looking for a few parts for my GTI, after trying my luck on the Facebook group but nobody seems to be able to help. - Lower Passenger GTI doorcard - Decat Manifold - Stainless Exhaust system - Leather Interior - GTI Gearknob Money waiting, will highly appreciate any responses. Cheers.
  2. Lupo Gti interior seats for sale. Looking for £200 ono Will post at buyers expense
  3. I recently bought my first car (1.4 16v lupo) and I seen a lot of people with aftermarket interior (clearly not standard) and I can't seem to find where to get hold of some? Such as new rear seats, new roof linings.. Any help is appreciated
  4. Just wondering if the interior of a seat arosa including door cards and seats will bolt straight into my lupo. I know they are pretty much exactly the same car but just wasn't sure.
  5. Don't know if this has been asked before, some of you may have noticed theres not much dashboard storage lol. are there any aftermarket products for extra interior storage space to put things like CDs, sunglasses etc. Ive seen loads of those storage armrests on Ebay but don't know if they're any good or easy to install yourself, anyone had experiance with these? ANY OTHER SUGGESTIONS ARE WELCOME
  6. Hi guys I've just bought a Lupo 1.0E for my first car and i just trying to find a few bits which are missing for it. I have located most parts that i need like door locking pins and rear drivers side molding but I am in desperate need of both my manual mirror adjustment knobs, i have spent ages trying to find which are the original adjusters for my Lupo. If anyone can give a decent picture of them or a link to somewhere i can get some please that would be great. Many thanks
  7. Hey, could anyone please recommend some decent leather care products. My leather seats are starting to get a bit dry. Cheers
  8. hello i'm new here and in need with some help? I'm looking for an white LED bulb to replace the existing interior one. When looking and reading things on here i got kinda confused :s What size bulb am i looking for and does it need to be canbus or not? Links would be nice? Thanks in advance, Kailum
  9. Admittedly, been an artist, I could't help myself but do a bit of sticker bombing on my interior and it looks awesome (in my opinion..) However, I'm on the fence about sticker bombing my sun blocks, will it be too much? and does anyone have pictures of their sticker bombing? Heres mine (Also added it to the frame around the stereo now.. It's growing) Really just looking for people opinions on interior sticker bombing and some pictures of yours
  10. I'm sure that this has been asked many times but, I want to make my headlining black and I have a three questions. 1. how do I get the ****er off? b. what's the best way to do it? paint or using some black cloth and adhesive spray? 4. what happens if I fold or crease the roof lining before it goes back in? Many Thanks A Faggy Lupo Owner!
  11. I have recently purchased a 2000 vw lupo 1.7 s sdi and the passenger door is missing the door handle pull is snapped and I was looking to replace it, it's the grey colour plastic handle If anyone has an ideas where I could purchase one? Or if anyone has a spare could they let me know please? Thanks
  12. Hey Forum, I have just purchased a Volkswagen Lupo 1.4 E 3DR AUTO 2003 after having my first car written off. I am looking to do a couple of modification such as Alloys, Tints, Lowering, Sticker Bombing ect... Could you give me some ideas, and supply some links to items. Please note I have a small-ish budget. Regards Josh
  13. Looking to wrap the back of my recaro bucket seats in a colour, or maybe stickerbomb them In a jazz blue lupo with black interior Will be doing other small items with the same colour. What should I go for. Advice would be cool Cheers Jack
  14. Right I need help as soon as possible as said in title! I was driving home from work today when my sisters bf noticed smoke coming from passenger footwell underneath the cubbyhole thingy... This place ----> Basically the wires on the left are boiling hot, and it absolutely stinks!! Does anyone know what this is, whys its happening and how to fix it??? Please please please please
  15. Hi, i want to spray my interior plastics of my Lupo 1.0, its Red so if you have any ideas or tips on what colors, i would really appreciate it, also i need someone to tell me how i can actually do it? how to take the plastics off, which parts of the dash i should spray, how many coats, what types of paint etc. Thannks
  16. took my interior light out, changed the bulb, and put it back. the light still works when pushed to 'on' but when central (door open light) it doesn't come on not sure what the problem is, any help would be greatly appreciated.
  17. Ok, so I find the standard headrests in the Lupo are EXTREMELY uncomfortable, does anyone know if the headrests from a 6n2 will fit? Thanks from Lewis
  18. Does anyone know of/used any good london or south east based car upholsterers good at retrimming, looking to get a GTI redone...
  19. Hi, after attempting to cover my door cards in leather vinyl, I decided it wasn't going to work. I then thought that flocked door cards would look better, what does anyone else think? Does anyone know any that does it cheap? Thanks
  20. I have just purchased my first lupo, but the stereo (single din) doesn't work and the cup holders are broken, as well as the air vents. I have therefore come to the conclusion that a nice shiny touch screen double din unit would be lovely instead. Browsing the interweb I have found a great unit for a reasonable price that has come off a Lupo GTI.It includes the whole middle section of the dahboard (including the air vents) and has the high up hazard button. Unfortunately as my Lupo is 1999 T reg it has the different styled early dash with the hazard button down the bottom. Would this later dash still fit my Lupo, if I rewired in a later hazard button to the triangle or plugged it somehow? cheers Jordan
  21. Hey Guys, First post as I've only had the Lupo for less than a month, bough from a previous forum user so that the girlfriend and I can have a cheap run-around and something she can learn in. We have decided to funk up the interior as it is a little grubby and needs a little bit of personalisation. Bought some fleecy fabric the other day from an upholsteres and some fabric spray glue for less than £20 in an attempt to fuzz the roof. (colour matched with a Yoshi toy courtesy of Fishkracker on the forum) Didn't break anything so for anyone trying to do the same, there is always a way to do it without smashing it off. see results. I just have the parcel shelf to do now and I want to paint the sunvisors, sunroof and jesus handles black but don't know what paint to get for it. Can anyone help? or point me towards some already blackened ones Thanks
  22. As i have no space anymore, these seats must go! Cream leather audi front seats from an early A6 or audi 100. Good nick, no burns or tears but some wear on one of the drivers bolsters and the usual dimples and wrinkles that leather of this age develops. They will bolt to the floor of a lupo but it is very much down to you whether you think they're safe or not. I was happy to run them for a bit but i had intended to bolt them in properly but because i am now at uni i have neither the time or the facilities to do so. I would reccomend that you fitted them properly as in their current state they offer no adjustment whatsoever because they are electrically adjustable but i don't have the loom. I'm told these are available from ebay or a breaking audi with electric seats? Again, this is something i never got round to doing. I have absolutely no idea on price... they will need some work to make fit properly but they are good comfy supportive seats in reasonable condition. For rule's sake i'll say £100 but as i say, they must go and i'm open to offers. Collection from Taunton TA1 or Cheltenham GL52. I can post but at an extra cost of £40. Any queries or if you want more photos or information, 07906879584 or jabbles21@gmail.com Cheers, Jake.
  23. FOR SALE Selling these seats because im looking for something new, but there in great condition and look awesome... Standard Lupo seats re-trimmed with brown leather vinyl, Front seats, back seats and all door cards, Good condition and well looked after! Im looking for £450 or swap? Let me know if your interested (01206 272 302) (07511580563) Cheers A few pics Thanks for looking
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