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  1. thanks mate. mega easy all torx heads for the speedo and center cosole. top T piece is plastic welded in
  2. Well I've been pretty inactive. So far a few updates. Got some pictures to upload. BIG surprises Also found out today lupo are very safe. Span my car out today because of gravel on a corner! Was doing abit too. Not to fast but fast enough for me to **** myself when it happened! Honestly thought the car was going to be a right of. Once I'd checked my pants and tyres all was good!
  3. okay so ive been pretty useless latly. sorry ive not done any pictures yet L4RRY all i've done with the car is keep it clean. i've got 4 wellers back. taking them to be powder coated white on friday. going to drop the front another 15mm on friday to. hope fully if i get round to it i'll get pictures of the ronals up! trying to get the car looking a little more respectable for all dubz end of this month. see you all there
  4. I've seen the same gti a few times aswell!. Usually dirty?
  5. As title says. Looked like a dude driving
  6. I will give them a good scrub sunday and take some picture's for you
  7. How the hell do you remove the door pins!

  8. Hmm not sure really. Need to get my wellers on and check I like them and all But probably looking at £250?
  9. So I'm thinking of maybe selling my Ronal Turbos R10's? 15x7j et28 2 newish fronts tyres Rear with 6+mm tread Any interest?
  10. How we looking on numbers? I'm thinking of coming along and may as well be on the club stand
  11. I have 2 sets Currently refurbing one set to go on my lupo then will refurb the second set for resale
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