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  1. Admittedly, been an artist, I could't help myself but do a bit of sticker bombing on my interior and it looks awesome (in my opinion..) However, I'm on the fence about sticker bombing my sun blocks, will it be too much? and does anyone have pictures of their sticker bombing? Heres mine (Also added it to the frame around the stereo now.. It's growing) Really just looking for people opinions on interior sticker bombing and some pictures of yours
  2. I'm looking to reline my headliner in my Arosa, has anyone any pictures of their relined headliners and is it easy, what glue to use etc? Also wanting to reline my door cards and I have no idea where to start, is there any how to's on here or Youtube? Any information will be highly appreciated thanks in advance!
  3. amyyb

    My Mk2 Arosa :)

    Thankyou Jon and hello Rich!
  4. Say hi to Poppy I'm going to use this topic to post progression pictures. So this is Poppy. My first car, bought on 1st December 2013. Not a lot of progress so far, other than a full exhaust replacement as she came with a bit of a bodge job exhaust system. Other than that, just the debadged grill and a bit of sticker bombing in the interior a long with a stereo replacement.. She is my absolute pride and joy and has so much potential, I have a few things in mind such as coil overs, alloys etc. and possibly a colour coded splitter then just a few details of the interior. I'm also getting a boot build with two 10 inch subs and an amp but I'm not sure how well that's going to go yet due to the shoe box sized boot :')
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