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  1. cheers for the quick response. Tbh i need to whole of that unit replacing as the vents are mashed up I may just find some way to block off the empty space for the hazard button. thanks for all of the help!
  2. I have just purchased my first lupo, but the stereo (single din) doesn't work and the cup holders are broken, as well as the air vents. I have therefore come to the conclusion that a nice shiny touch screen double din unit would be lovely instead. Browsing the interweb I have found a great unit for a reasonable price that has come off a Lupo GTI.It includes the whole middle section of the dahboard (including the air vents) and has the high up hazard button. Unfortunately as my Lupo is 1999 T reg it has the different styled early dash with the hazard button down the bottom. Would this later dash still fit my Lupo, if I rewired in a later hazard button to the triangle or plugged it somehow? cheers Jordan
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