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  1. So this car, being 17yo, suffers with everything having been undone, nothing been put back correctly! the bonnet catch had no cable attached, just a piece of chain , which was rubbing against the radiator. So removed mechanism, 3 bolts, and ordered a replacement from a breakers. New ones are £48+ vat. Bugger that. Stevens £14.99 inc delivery. Yep it was filthy & clogged up with manky grease & bent. Cleaned in petrol (love the aroma!), used a screw driver blade to mimic bonnet & pushed down to lock. Pulled lever where cable would go & nothing!! it wasn’t moving to the right far enough. In the vice, bashed with a hammer & mole grips. All good. Works. Added some copper grease and refitted. Just waiting for a replacement cable. Pics below & some from my online manual, that cost me a tenner.
  2. Hi all a drunk driver with out insurance crashed my pride and joy last weekend in in need of a few bits for her as I'm desperate to keep her on the road I need the following and I dont care about the colour of the panels 2001 Lupo GTi O/S/F Wing O/S/F inner wing liner Complete Front Bumper with all grilles covers etc Front Panel (plastic on rads mount on) Radiator AC radiator O/S headlamp (HID) O/S main/Aux light Any Help would be gratefully received
  3. Does anyone have a decent o/s/f wing for a non-gti lupo, preferably in D1B Yellow. May also need a bonnet and a N/S door in yellow too. Thanks in advance!
  4. Hi All, Desperately need a VW Lupo GTI Bonnet (black). Some idiot decided to throw himself onto mine and left a huge dent. I've been told the dent can't be pulled...absolutely gutted. I live in London btw, but would pay for delivery also, if needed. Cheers!
  5. Would it be possible to have an OEM aluminium silver GTI bonnet resprayed for a black GTI? And would it match the rest of the bodywork??? I really don't want to settle for the steel version of the bonnet...
  6. Lupo GTI Polished Boot and Bonnet Struts Nice upgrade for any Lupo or Arosa. I bought them ages ago but never got round to putting them on and don't have the car now. £15 plus £5 P+P Will consider offers. I accept PayPal.
  7. As the title says, had some fat tw4t jump onto my bonnet when it was parked overnight and its left a huge dent in the centre of the bonnet. I was planning on taking it off using boiling water and trying to pop it back out but I wanted to ask here first if there might be a better way? Would folding some dust sheets up over the engine cover and closing the bonnet onto that be a viable option?
  8. I've just fixed a very annoying issue I've experienced since owning my Lupo GTi - the bonnet catch is so stiff that you have to really push down hard / slam down on the bonnet to close it and you have to pull quite hard on the release lever inside the cabin. I've tried cleaning up the entire mechanism with oils, etc. but I've found that it is all to do with the extension spring that is inside the bonnet catch. After a few attempts, replacing this spring to a lighter-tension one does the trick! It will now lock by just dropping the bonnet down and it opens up a lot easier having less tension on the release lever mechanism. Don't just buy any extension spring however - it still has to have enough tension to hold the lever in the locked position. Using too light a spring will not make the bonnet lock at all. The springs I found were stainless steel items that fit perfectly from eBay: search for item number 381125685570 from seller lovelife3l. Nerd Corner: I believe when VW came up with the GTi they overlooked the fact that when they were swapping over the heavy steel bonnet of the non-GTi with the aluminium one, they forgot that the weight generated from the steel bonnet would be less compared to the aluminium design which meant more force would be needed to lock the bonnet!
  9. HI, I recently got myself a second hand lupo and i'm in love with the car. Only problem being that when I pull the level to open the bonnet the lever just pops off and i have to put back on, is there something i need to be pulling on or something to press. Thanks, Dom
  10. Hello all Second post of the day, but i felt this one was necessary. i feel as though a "how to" is pretty useless for those who find things easier with pictures. This post is for those who find their bonnet release levers to loose. it seems to be a common problem on lupos and there isn't really a detailed "how to" so here it is. 1. first what you wanna do is push the mysterious "square button" at the back of the lever in or you can lever it out with a flat head screw driver. this button is actually a retainer clip as you can see in the pics. 2. once you have pushed or removed see button/clip, the handle should come straight off. 3. remove the panel screw 4. the whole panel should slide back and away. 5. once the panel is removed you will be able to see the bonnet release mechanism. remove this will the two screws you can see all of what i am describing in the attached pictures. 6. once you have remove the two strew and have the mechanism just attached to only the bonnet release cable you can flip it around and see a screw coming out the other side (it holds the pivot point on). tighten see screw i have shown the screw driver bit size in a pictures as well. 7. once its as tight as you like put it back in place and put the two screws back in. on the far screw the loom may get in the way just push it towards the firewall gently until the screw is replaced and tightened. (I'm saying gently because plugs can get brittle over time and its not worth even the slight risk of damaging one) 8. put the panel on in the opposite direction you took it off being sure to make the two alignment clips go where they supposed to. 9. tighten the cross head panel screw 10. put the retaining clip into the grooves of the handle (see pics for more details) 11. replace handle in the downward position ( how the handle sits when not being used. If you have done this right then there shouldn't be any more rattling and the whole thing should feel less like its about to snap when used. i hope this has helped at least someone out there. http://www.flickr.com/photos/106892742@N02/sets/72157637048562104/ if an administrator could pin this in the "how to" section that would be awesome. caio.
  11. hey guys, been looking at this forum for the past 2 years and finally got my arosa! (sorry its not a lupo, am i still welcome?) also got a carbon fibre 2 pc spoiler, it is for sale though as im non too keen on it :-) dont know how to put photos on, help would be appreciated, here is a link http://s1142.photobucket.com/albums/n617/spenny4917/red%20arosa/
  12. For sale is my pretty much unused bonnet bra fits a lupo, fits GTI's too. i bought it, had it on for about a week, and took it off for winter, since then its been in my bedroom. so ive decided to shift it. it fits well after some slight modification to the straps, better than most others ive seen. no creases. there is one tiny mark on it, but you dont see it unless youre looking for it. £40 located at B98 9AE, can post too at your cost.
  13. I have purchased a bonnet strut for my arosa as it does not currently have one Could someone post a picture of where the bonnet struts are mounted on both the bonnet and wing? as I am told that I will have to fabricate mounting brackets to fit them would just like an idea of where they will need to be etc Cheers Chris
  14. After a Drivers side wing, tailgate (bootlid) and bonnet for my mk2 Arosa Cheers.
  15. Hey everyone, I'm new to this forum. Pretty much about a month back I bought a gorgeous little lupo S, T reg and it has been brilliant and drives lovely. However now some problems are starting to surface; first one is pretty big, I went to open my bonnet to check my oil levels and the handle pretty much broke off in my hand, I take it that was my bonnet release cable snapping. How much do you recon that will cost to sort out. I don't like not being able to get into my bonnet. The other thing is my central locking is a bit dodgy. Will always open fine with no trouble but when I go to lock it it will sometimes lock it all fine and other times it will only lock the drivers door. Have tried locking from the passengers side and will most of the time completely lock the car but have had trouble there too. I checked my key and it has a slight bend in it. So i have changed to my spare key which is nice and shiny and more importantly straight. Haven't tried it yet but could it be the key you recon? If not how much does it cost to get that fixed too? Just so I know how much I am going to have to fork out on pay day. Cheers for the help guys apart from those troubles I am loving my Lupo EDIT: just realised this may have been the wrong thread to put this in, if it is sorry and can it be moved to a more appropriate location?
  16. Professionaly rusted Lupo bonnet for sale, no damage or dents. Ideal for ratty look or just for something different. Looking for £100 min, Collection only, Sunderland, email jordantough@gmail.com for info ,
  17. Hi, drove the motor into the back of a removal truck the other day and as you might expect, they're pretty solid I need: bonnet, both wings, bumper, grill, both headlights and indicators, slam panel and a radiator If anyone has any of these parts, preferably in flash red (but will consider others as a good price), then I will be very interested! Thanks, Daniel.
  18. smoothed black bonnet and badgeless grill.. bonnet was welded up, filled and painted by me and my work buddys.. i want to SWAP the bonnet for an original one in any colour and £20, wanna put the vw grill back in and wrap it. the FK badgeless grill is for sale.. offers.
  19. Need drivers wing, bonnet, bumper, indicator panel, front panel with radiator and lights Ideally in red but open to offers, Let me know if you can help :-) 079122 02287
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