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  1. Hi there, back in September/October last year my service indicator flashed in my little miles box on my dash so I got a service done and dusted. I've now had the same indicator come on but this time it has OIL flash as well now I've contacted my usual guy and he says it needs an oil service. I popped round the corner from my work to a garage there and just asked how much they will do it for (just easier out of convenience) and he says it shouldn't need it and my service light wasn't set properly. is it normal to have a service and an oil service light pop on separately on a Lupo or should it have been covered under my standard service. I have had some issue with small oil leaks in the past but I've had them fixed, don't know if that would have effected it. oh my and my lupo is a 99reg 1.4 engine Cheers for the help
  2. Thanks for the reply It was never sitting for months on end he got a drive about once a week but compared to the big commute he used to do it was a big cut in the lupos usage. It's a 1.4 16v engine in my car and he is revving fine and all the parts are moving fine it's just the valve is stuck open.
  3. Hey everyone, Today my little lupo broke down on the way to work. The breakdown guy told me my car had a cold my engine was all bunged up with gunk (I went a couple of months hardly using my car) he cleared it out so be could breathe and run again but told me to take it to a garage to get properly cleaned and flush out and also get my throttle body looked at. I drove it to a garage and had them do this at the garage they told me my trottle control valve is open permanently and needs replacing which would set me back £371 what does this fault actually mean do? The guy was very vague. Now I just changed jobs and can't afford it really at the moment, I didn't order the part and the guy didn't seem fused that I was going to be driving my car. Is it alright for me to drive my car for a bit without any damage or danger? (I drive 6 miles each dy for work and 60 miles every other weekend)
  4. haha yeah it was only the top bit that was taken, someone just unscrewed it and run off with it. Cheers for the advice all I have dropped lupoboz a message about getting a new one
  5. Hey everyone, Some little lovely person has stolen my aerial! I need to get a new one, my radio still works but its constantly fuzzy. Can anyone recommend one? I had a quick look on ebay but there are so many at a rather huge range of prices. I'm not sure which ones are ok and which ones are a load of rubbish. Cheers
  6. Ah cool, I'm going to bus to work and buy some oil tomorrow to top it up. I hope I haven't done any damage to my engine or anything. Is the oil pressure light suppose to just flash on it never stayed on.
  7. Since the warning light? About 10 miles to get me home. Since my last top up of oil about 1500 maybe nearer 2000 miles **** ok yeah I thought as much seeing as it seems I have no oil in the car. It was driving fine though which really puzzles me, the engine was still warm when I checked the oil perhaps I should wait a little longer coz when I dipped the oil stick it came out with like nothing on it.
  8. Hey all, Got a 99reg lupo 1.4. I had my oil pressure light flash and beep at me on my way home today and then disappear it was on for a couple of seconds. When I got home I checked my levels it's bone dry much to my horror. I had my oil topped up to normal end of January, my oil shouldn't have gone down that quickly surely? :s Do any of you guys know what could be going on? Am I able to drive my car a couple of miles to a halfords to buy some oil?
  9. haha now I feel like a dumb ass! oh course it stands for that!
  10. £90? oh ouch then there will be the cost to fix it! oh well needs to be done really before it gets to the point where I can't open or lock my car.
  11. Hi Rich, Ah well thats good, I'll give that a go tomorrow and get my bonnet open. Ah **** i thought it would be expensive. Nevermind I'll get it sorted then its done then, I'll look into how much a new microswitch will set me back. thanks for the advice though
  12. oh thank god I can get a replacement handle, broke mine off today trying to open my bonnet. I'll look into ordering a new one tomorrow.
  13. Hey everyone Gone and got myself a little yellow lupo S 1.4 16V I am loving the little guy, my favourite car I have ever owned by far! Lupos are fantastic little cars!
  14. Hey everyone, I'm new to this forum. Pretty much about a month back I bought a gorgeous little lupo S, T reg and it has been brilliant and drives lovely. However now some problems are starting to surface; first one is pretty big, I went to open my bonnet to check my oil levels and the handle pretty much broke off in my hand, I take it that was my bonnet release cable snapping. How much do you recon that will cost to sort out. I don't like not being able to get into my bonnet. The other thing is my central locking is a bit dodgy. Will always open fine with no trouble but when I go to lock it it will sometimes lock it all fine and other times it will only lock the drivers door. Have tried locking from the passengers side and will most of the time completely lock the car but have had trouble there too. I checked my key and it has a slight bend in it. So i have changed to my spare key which is nice and shiny and more importantly straight. Haven't tried it yet but could it be the key you recon? If not how much does it cost to get that fixed too? Just so I know how much I am going to have to fork out on pay day. Cheers for the help guys apart from those troubles I am loving my Lupo EDIT: just realised this may have been the wrong thread to put this in, if it is sorry and can it be moved to a more appropriate location?
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