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  1. Just to update the thread. Changed the coolant to g30 and delete ionised water and a £1.30 sensor from eBay and it's fixed.
  2. thanks Pete, Ive just ordered one there because I cant see what else it could be. The pipes connected to it are definetly filled with water would there be a chance that if there was air inside it would cause it to trow a code? because as i said theres times when it doesnt flash
  3. had to change my thermostat housing to get the thermostat to work properly but ive been getting a warning light since. It occasionally goes away but id like to get rid of the light. I plugged in with vcds and got the code 16500 Engine coolant temp sensor g62: Implausable signal P0116 - 35 - 10 Is there a way I can just delete the light or something? because its been like this for weeks and its not been causing any problems
  4. As the title says, had some fat tw4t jump onto my bonnet when it was parked overnight and its left a huge dent in the centre of the bonnet. I was planning on taking it off using boiling water and trying to pop it back out but I wanted to ask here first if there might be a better way? Would folding some dust sheets up over the engine cover and closing the bonnet onto that be a viable option?
  5. Going to be changing my thermostat housing today because the old one was broken but I wanted to ask if its going to be as simple as removing the old one and putting a new one on? Something ive never done before so any tips are appreciated thanks
  6. Just to update his guys changed the spark plugs air filter and put redex in the fuel and that managed to get me through plus the car is easily a good 20-30%more efficient on fuel now happy days
  7. Just to update this thread I changed my spark plugs and air filter and the old ones looked like they hadn't been done in quite a while but it managed a 2 hot drive to Glencoe at the weekend there with no problems so I'm fairly sure thats sorted the issue
  8. Thats probably another part to it since its not been used much the last couple weeks. Is that something that's legal now given its failed an mot? It still had a month left untill its up first time ive had to do it though so I don't know if thats invalid now?
  9. thanks Rich, i was looking online and apparently high Co output is related to not having enough air for the fuel mixture so ill have a look at changing the filter first and get an additive like redex or cataclean however the engine has been swaped in the past and the current one doesnt have a plug for the egr valve so i really hope that with changing the filter and adding something to the fuel will fix it because otherwise ill be out of luck haha
  10. Had the lupo in for its mot and the only thing I don't know how to sort is how to lower the co output. The limit it said is .3 and I was .6 and .57 both times Ive had a new cat in the last 6months and changed the oil recently. What next should I try? Should I change the spark plugs and air filter or would additives make a bigger difference? As usual all help is appreciated
  11. Also I recently changed the oil and oil filter as well as cleaning the throttle body but it seems this issue has persisted. It also only seems to happen on drives over 30 minutes if that helps shed any more light.
  12. Hi guys Been having an issue with the lupo the last few times ive done long drives. When I'm on the motorway cruising the car seems to decide to stop accelerating and its like full throttle isnt even enough to sustain speed it kind of stutters a bit as it slows down Today I was on the motorway and it was like the thing was dying the way a remote control car goes when the batteries run out? Pulled over and left it for 5 minutes and then it was good enough to get home Ive seen people say its something to do with the brake sensor not working correctly so the throttle won't work a
  13. Thanks for that, hadnt thought to check the thermostat but i'll investigate again this weekend. I checked it there and it took about ten minutes for it to move about 1/10th off the bottom of the temperature scale and even then i couldnt really notice any difference in temperature of the air. I really dont know a lot about how the system works but would it be possible that theres air in my system and its struggling to get the coolant to reach the heater matrix and preventing the air from being heated?
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