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  1. I would also be interested in this... ☝️
  2. Thanks for the reassurance, fingers crossed I will notice a difference. Also, even though the directions state the Wynn's should be added along with a full tank of petrol, I've been told the best results are achieved by adding a full bottle to a quarter tank and then after letting it settle get on the M-way and give it a good ragging through the gears.... Not sure whether I should risk it though?... 🤔
  3. A friend swears by it, but I haven't yet tested it myself and since replacing the CTS worked for me I'm not sure whether I will be able to notice a difference...at least regarding jerkyness/kangarooing. I'll report back on whether it improves anything else (responsiveness or smoothness when accelerating maybe?) Also apologies for the late replies, I've only just found that all Club Lupo notification emails since the beginning of time have been going straight into my google spam folder... 🙈
  4. My thinking is that the "cold start" FTA ratio which the dodgy reading is activating, is only required in a really cold climate (maybe something like -15 or below)... Again, this is all guess work I'll take a look this weekend or next - Cheers!
  5. I can only guess that an inaccurate temperature reading (below that of the actual coolant temp) may cause the ECU to switch to a higher fuel-to-air ratio when not necessary... This may have a similar effect to the throttle sticking open and then snapping shut after a split second delay ( I may be waaaaay off here 😬). I'm pretty sure I read that thread some time back, but wasn't sure it would be straightforward to get to. Will look for a guide (with images still working) on how to get to & clean the TB at some point... 🤞 Must also remember to put the injector fuel treatment I boug
  6. Thanks for the replies guys...hopefully it helps someone out one day...
  7. Kangarooing issue solved (by accident): Needed to replace the Coolant Temperature Sensor on my Lupo GTI as my temp gauge had been playing up intermittently for the last 3-weeks. Wouldn't you know it, after replacement, not only was the temp gauge now working but no more jerky throttle from cold starts. Funny that I'm both overjoyed and also annoyed....since I accepted the cold start kangarooing (and second gear workarounds) as a quirk of the GTI, since buying the car 5 years ago and searching high and low online for a fix. Would be interested to see if this also solves othe
  8. Thanks for the reply Matt, I will look further into it. Anyone have any recommendations of good body shops in East London? Cheers!
  9. Would it be possible to have an OEM aluminium silver GTI bonnet resprayed for a black GTI? And would it match the rest of the bodywork??? I really don't want to settle for the steel version of the bonnet...
  10. Hi All, Desperately need a VW Lupo GTI Bonnet (black). Some idiot decided to throw himself onto mine and left a huge dent. I've been told the dent can't be pulled...absolutely gutted. I live in London btw, but would pay for delivery also, if needed. Cheers!
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