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  1. Make: VW Model: Lupo 1.4 16v SPORT MOT: 28/08/21 Engine size: 100hp Fuel type: Petrol Description including modifications: Unmodified well maintained rare original example of a 1.4 Sport, fantastic car to drive, these are becoming increasingly rare to find especially in an original unmodified condition such as this. The car is a genuine Sport model not the standard 1.4. So has the 98BHP 16v twin cam petrol engine. These models come with ABS, different inlet cam, metal inlet manifold, ecu, bigger throttle body, bigger brakes (discs all round), different exhaust manifold
  2. Anyone looking to sell a fantasia green lupo 1.4 16v?
  3. I've just purchased a Lupo Sport 1.4 and I'm looking to do a back box delete, and hopefully add a race tube in the near future. Ideally, a sportex system is in my price range and I like the sound of those, however I don't know which ones will fit my SPORT model? Also if anyone has any links to a race tube or mid pipe for it please link! Cheers
  4. Hi guys, I just turned 17 and got myself a Lupo 1.4 16V, have been driving it on a provisional until I pass my test, already done some work to it since it had been left for a couple of years in a garage. However I've noticed that my gas pedal sits at about half the height of my brake/clutch pedals, if I put my foot under it and lift the pedal it will freely lift to the same height as the others, but as soon as I let go it drops back down to halfway. I was thinking it is the throttle cable? Been told that the throttle is electric though so I'm not too sure how to go about it, any suggestio
  5. Hello fellow VW lovers ? New member here, hope you are all living the dream... I'm a Mk4 golf owner and I know this is a lupo forum but I have a little 1.4 Axp engine and interested in the mods you do to the little engines here. Currently I'm working on my car, valve job, clean up, tappets, timing belt kit and just looking around because I have her opened up and curious on what you are doing here ☺
  6. Hi guys, unfortunately my little Lupo has been sat in the garage and more recently on the drive for a good 18 months now due to being given a company car. We’re now expecting our first little’un so the missis has said the Lupo needs to go Make: VW Lupo Model: S (16v) MOT: none TAX: Sorn Engine size: 1.4 (16v) Fuel type: Petrol Description including modifications: Standard Lupo S which has been in the garage and more recently on the drive for 18 months. She hasn’t been turned over for a while. Location: Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire Images: To
  7. Hi , Does anyone know if the mk1 fabia aub 100bhp engine is the same as the lupo sports aub 100bhp? assuming it is and if anyone else has done the swap? And would it be a straight fit? Thanks
  8. Welcome to the build thread for my Lupo S 1.4 16v. To start with I picked the car up from Maidstone and drove it back to Colchester...Kinda... The alternator died on the way home and I lost power in the outside lane of the M25 I eventually got it home, and now it's been repaired I can start work on it! It's been a fustrating week planning the car out and not having it here to do anything to it. So first thing, the radio it came with is awful and the door speakers are blown... Down to Halfrauds and I did a buy! Fitted the Head Unit with no issue
  9. The day has come to sell my Arosa as I've now bought a new car. I've owned the car since November 2014 and covered approx 25k in it since. It also has a huge amount of receipts/past MOT's and the V5C in my name and the original 2 keys (one with locking buttons). Pictures here: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Seat-Arosa-Sport-100bhp-Big-spec-lots-of-upgrades-/142382581436? Spec is as below; - 1.4 100bhp sport AUB 109k - doesn't burn a drop of oil. - Custom Chrome exhaust cat back - Direnza stainless manifold - AP coilovers - 12 months old in perfect order.
  10. Desperately looking for a 16v Lupo sport for sale!!! please please contact me if you have or know anyone that is selling one!
  11. Been on the forum for about a year now but have never got round to posting much about my own wee arosa, so here goes: Bought it March 2010 with only 23000 miles on it absolute steal for a 51 plate. Just been doing subtle upgrades as i'm a rather skint student Passed my test in March and havent stopped driving since, love my wee car Mods so far: Badgeless front grille Stubby Aerial Apex springs dropped 40mm Kenwood head unit Replaced front speakers and fitted rear speakers Scorpion Exhaust K&N air filter Black rear Arosa lights and indicators Pop out rear windows
  12. After 6 years of ownership, it’s time to sell and move on… 2001 Seat Arosa Sport, 1.4 16V, 67K This has been a great little car throughout the years of driving it, and no expense has been spared with servicing and upgrades. Serviced and MOT March 2016. Private plate is not included with sale. Full service history with all receipts 3 keys (1 remote, 2 standard) Interior All door cards re-trimmed in leather 280mm Momo steering wheel and boss Kenwood stereo and 4x50W Kenwood speakers Scan-Gauge installed (will leave for extra £) Parrot handsfree kit Footwell LED’
  13. Hi all, Recently had a lot of stuff replaced after an MoT, mainly exhaust and emissions related, and now I have a clicking noise when I accelerate. I can accelerate more softly, and it isn't audible. However, if I accelerate normally, it's audible both in the car and outside. It didn't do this before the car went in for the MoT and repairs, and I'm curious. I've done a little research and come across the Evaporative Emissions Valve making a clicking noise, but if it didn't make it before, I don't understand why it is doing it now ? Thanks for any help in advance!
  14. I've noticed a whining noise that sounds like its coming from the engine bay. I noticed it when driving back form Oswestry, having been driving for around a good hour or so. whether this coincides with if I'm driving for more than about 40 minutes, it gets really difficult to put into gear, I'm not sure. I took it to a garage who said my clutch cable was stuck and needed freeing, but said they wasn't able to do it as it was a big job. I've been told that if you have a reasonable amount of skill, you can take the entire gearbox out on a drive...? I'm not up to that standard, but I just won
  15. Picked up my 02 1.4 auto Lupo about a month ago and this site has been pretty inspiring with some of the others members lupos ☺️, so I thought I'd leave my mark Here it is as I bought it Then debadged straight away Then full serviced, and realised the doesn't have a pollen filter! As it's not an ac model Then picked up some new shoes hopefully all the pictures will work, and I'm posting it all in the correct places aha
  16. FOR SALE Vw Polo 6n 1.4 16v - Silver Good Points 81,000 Miles Near full service history On Coilovers - without helpers but will be provided Black and grey - Mk3 Golf Recaro seats £150 6n2 rear lights New Replacement gearbox and clutch at 80,000 miles Rare Air Con version Non sunroof Audi A6 Winter wheels - 5x112 16" Et42 come with adapters £500 (dirty in the picture) K & N Air filter Front Fog lights Bad points Currently SORNed Small 5 pence piece dent on the passenger side rear quarter quoted £50 for paint less dent removal Tiny bubble of surface rust on the drivers side sill, only bit
  17. Arnold the Arosa Sport! Found on Gumtree one afternoon for a very good price so made the hour and a half journey and brought the little gem! Car was listed on Gumtree with a 'gearbox problem' and in need of TLC which was no problem as price was low enough and I wont be driving it until October 2014.
  18. For a 1.4 16v with 75hp? I'm thinking that the one existing has been replaced a while ago, but the specs on it say 55Ah - nowhere I searched under my engine, this type of battery isn't recommended. Help?
  19. Oil service is due this month and I want to go for Motul 10w40 for my 1.4 16v 75hp, should i?
  20. I had it fixed, was simply a case of a faulty ECU.
  21. Hi guys, been here a while now occasionally popping my head up and saying some stuff! I've been given some HID's, they're a H7 bulb with a kit and run at 2300V! And they're bright. Very bright. I was thinking of running them in my fog lights as the bulb for the main and dipped beam is different yada yada yada! I reckon they'll fit in the fogs! If not then ill have a play around what do u guys think? Matt
  22. Hello Ive bought my first ever VW lupo, its a 1.4 16v auto and i love it! However, I was driving it normal london conditions - i.e Standstill traffic and the water sign started flashing and the temperature needle had hit 110. Im seriously hoping the gasket isnt blown, i doubt it is as the coolant is a normal colour and there is so far no loss of oil When i bought the car it used to run a little cool but i assumed it may have been missing a thermostat. To be honest, after all the overheating issues ive experienced in BMW's i wasnt that bothered if it ran a little cool. I've lost no coolant and
  23. Hello ladies and gentlemen of club lupo i wish to present to you my lupo "lois" my 99 1.4 16v which has had a sport put in it (apparently) atm i have a custom skip exhaust (as in an exhaust out of a skip) coilovers which are being replaced for lowering springs and im in the middle of chucking some Kyalami alloys on
  24. This morning I bought a blue 1.4e Lupo. I knew the 16v would be a bit lively, however I have driven an Ibiza sport with the same engine and it seems so flat in comparison to this, definitely not standard (apart from the induction kit). So, I'd like to know if anyone knows who this car belonged to, what they did to it and possibly why they sold it. It was bought in Nottingham, and has been in this general area from new I assume: First 3 letters of the Reg are T68, it has a brand new throttle body and a BMC CDA induction kit and I think FK's all round (probably wrong) Anyway, Im in lov
  25. Ok, so I brought some brake discs for my 1.4 16v thinking they were 240mm, however they turned out to be 256mm! I filtered the parts for my REG and it said that they would fit, and from a very quick read online apparently I will be able to fit the 256's. Can anyone confirm this so I don't have to go and buy some 240's now? Thanks from Lewis
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