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  1. That's not a dumb question at all. I'm away atm but I haven't tried starting her for a while, what makes you ask?!
  2. Hi Guys, I have some rear pop out windows for sale if anyone’s interested? Collection from - Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire £30 pair.
  3. Hello mate, I’ve got some rear pop out windows if you’re still looking?!
  4. Hello mate, I’ve got a 5 speed gearknob and gaiter if you’re still looking mate? let me know ASAP as the cars going mid week ?
  5. Hi guys, unfortunately my little Lupo has been sat in the garage and more recently on the drive for a good 18 months now due to being given a company car. We’re now expecting our first little’un so the missis has said the Lupo needs to go Make: VW Lupo Model: S (16v) MOT: none TAX: Sorn Engine size: 1.4 (16v) Fuel type: Petrol Description including modifications: Standard Lupo S which has been in the garage and more recently on the drive for 18 months. She hasn’t been turned over for a while. Location: Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire Images: To Follow Price: £300 Ono
  6. Morning guys, I was given a company car with my job so the Lupo was garaged and since been debating whether to get her through the MOT or break her. However new baby has forced a new car so unfortunately I’m breaker her (bosses order) Make/Model: VW Lupo S (1999) Colour: Black Post or Collection: Both - depending on items Damage (if any) listed/explained: MOT Expired Pictures: To Follow This Morning Contact Details: olliejones8@hotmail.com or DM All parts available expect wing mirrors
  7. Hey Grazza, cheers for the reply. I will look into picking up some new dust covers, as you say I don't want cr*p getting in there and destroying any other parts. Cheers again
  8. Hi guys, I picked up some coilovers a while back and now looking to fit them however I've noticed a split on the black cover within the coilover. Photo - Will this affect them, do I need to buy a replacement part? Cheers. Ollie
  9. Has anyone else got any advice or previous dealings with this issue?!?
  10. Hey buddy. cheers for the quick reply. I'm actually looking to replace the whole linkage from the sector to the gearbox. Although I'm pretty sure I may have just snapped something in the sector, as something seemed to give way as I selected 3rd, now the selector is 'floppy' (sorry couldnt think of a better word, lol) and I cant change gear.....
  11. Hi guys, Can anyone shed any light on how to change the gear selector on a 1999 1.4 16v lupo? Also if I require any specific tools.... Any help, advice, links or diagrams would be great. Cheers, Ollie
  12. Legend, cheers buddy. So just tighten them with abit of elbow grease?!?
  13. Hi Guys & Girls, Just a quick one. I've seen a few people have painted the plastic engine cover. There are 4 bolts I can see, are these the only bolts holding the engine cover in place? Are these also holding anything else in place? Do they need to be torqued up? Cheers Ollie
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