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  1. She's been great while she lasted, but she had finally given up and I didn't want to pool more money into her so I decided to cut my losses and move on. There is a slot for a GTi in my future for sure though..!
  2. Well, it is time to say goodbye to Loopy after 2 years of ups and downs. I can already feel the regret seeping in.
  3. Woke up this morning to find i had one of those Limited Edition 2-Tone SnoPo's
  4. Little update: New tyres (standard size) meant that arch adjustment was required: She just needs a clean now... Few more little updates on the way. Thanks for reading!
  5. I will be: I dont like the stretched tyre look
  6. They are, but ive only kept them on because they're expensive Firestones and we're brand new on the wheels so
  7. Shes back on the road for now, however I've noticed some big vibration in the gear stick when it is in 5th, so ill have that looked at next...
  8. Ive seen some in the standard indicator panel, but I've also seen other people fit their indicators into the lower valence and then smooth over their indicator panels completely. I prefer the lower valence option, but each to their own
  9. theres a kit on bespoked online thats supposedly plug and play: http://www.bespokedonline.com/product-page/674cde17-cabd-897f-e0d5-6130dd2cf269 bit pricey but...
  10. Also, does anyone know what this is for? its sat right below the throttle body but its got a weird face, with a couple of holes in...
  11. Changed the thermostat and coolant temperature sensor today. was surprised to find i didnt have a thermostat at all! which would explain the lack of temperature. ran perfectly fine up until i wanted to drive her to Halfords, and then it put itself in limp mode again and the EPC light was on. same thing as before with the throttle body.
  12. Not at all...
  13. Ok, will look into it. Thank you very much. The engine was running fine as far as i know, and the new throttle body was due to misinformation: i was told that the original throttle body was broken after a headgasket replacement, when in actual fact it hasnt been aligned and so wouldnt have worked anyway. So i bought a new one and obviously, it still didnt work. So with the engine swap, the mechanic put the new throttle body on seeing as i had it.
  14. Oh and i dont have access to VagCom, and dont know anyone who does that wont charge (1800 quid the past 3 months has been spent on Loopy, meaning i have no money till pay day)
  15. Ok, ill try cleaning off the contacts. I looked at the wires last night, and theyve got a plastic shroud on them, which means its not as easy to check them without removing the shroud. Where does the cable from the throttle body plug into ? In the event it still plays up, couldnt i just buy that section of cables between the throttle body and wherever and use that? As for searching for anything related to a Lupo, i tried in vain last night and only came across situations that were to different to my own to be of any use.
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