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  1. Going to change the rings with the block still in the car, hope it goes well
  2. So the piston rings have went in my 1.4 sport aub, is any of the 1.4 bottom ends the same or just the aub, would i be better off with a new engine or just rings, or the bottom end with my head on it?
  3. Hi , Does anyone know if the mk1 fabia aub 100bhp engine is the same as the lupo sports aub 100bhp? assuming it is and if anyone else has done the swap? And would it be a straight fit? Thanks
  4. Do you know what psi it should make?
  5. I'm in fife , and any idea what a garage would charge for a compression test/ check on the car?
  6. Hi , i bought a sport about 3/4 weeks ago, and last friday lost some power when coming home from work. Turns out cylinder 1 is misfireing, changed the plugs and leads and had no luck , i tried a few used coil packs and none of them fixed the issue. The car was loosing coolant but doesn't seem to burn any, no mayo on oil cap, if the car runs for 5 mins it struggles to start again or at all. A lot of white smoke is coming out of the crank breather that goes to the air filter, and a lot of oil on the filter. any ideas? Could it be the head gasket or something else? Like rings or valves? cheers
  7. Found a leak, topped it up so i will need to get it fixed, its leaking from the pipe that connects to the rack
  8. Cars been sitting for a while drove it for about 3 miles now i've got this noise from the steering video attached IMG_3714.mp4
  9. Does £50 sound good?
  10. Hi , i'm looking for a rear spoiler, cambridge taillights and a 16v badge, if anyone is selling message me please
  11. Cheers, thought it had some structural integrity, but thats ok, its maybe been replaced by another owner
  12. Noticed quite a big gap here compared to the other lupos
  13. Thats the video again, hopefully the gearbox aint ****ed lol
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