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  1. Yes, still in the sitting room. Fresh as they came out of the factory. Still for sale for £300. Text me if you are interested. 07342 007893. Joe
  2. Yes mate, still in the spare bedroom, as fresh as the day they came out of VW. Where are you based?
  3. Yeah mate, it's in the sitting room.
  4. @lizzy, would you consider posting?
  5. Not a lupo but I've got a 2002 Arosa Sport with 102k on the clock. FSH. Aside from the lupo gti wipers, all stock. Will sell for 1k if you are interested.
  6. Still available mate, you interested?
  7. 4x brand new VW Starlite - cash on collection near Guildford, Surrey £300 ONO
  8. Hey Matt, sorry I don't know. It's someone's Arosa on here.
  9. Hi Rowly, where are you based? Could meet you half way if not too far.
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