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  1. Haha! Thanks guys! I'm chuffed with it, my Other half did it for me I'm addicted now though keep thinking what to do next lol Was a tricky decision between this and neon pink defo went with the right one though!
  2. Thanks guys! I'm really happy with it! Slow progress but its gettin to how I want it! I love my wheels too! I've got a set of fondmetals but I can't seem to bring myself to take off the starlites!
  3. I haven't posted for a while as haven't done anything to my little car but had this done recently so thought I'd share!
  4. im excited about the flocking as thats defo next on the list the re-spray is further away lol
  5. not posted for a while took some pics of the car how she is at the mo, got some changes coming in the next few months! gettin my interior flocked ( roof lining, dash bits and doorcards) thinking royal blue so well excited! going in for a re-spray this year as theres a few scratches and shopping trolley marks on it.....not by me! the numberplates also gone since these pics the original owner took forever to sort when she wanted them back...so hopefully new private plate in the next year
  6. It got so much attention at players!! Unbelievable! It's amazing goin through photos from players and seein the dog in pretty much every album!
  7. oh yayyyyy you got one of mine i was right at the back in the renegade stand and didnt think anyone would haha
  8. ive got the kleen freaks snow foam that foams up nicely!! and there at most shows with good show price offers
  9. weve got a 100 car convoy leaving from chelmsford at half 7
  10. two bucket method, have one bucket with ya shampoo in and a second bucket of warm water, when you take the sponge out the shampoo bucket wash it over your car then put it in the warm water bucket then back into the shampoo bucket and repeat like that
  11. i think theres one similar ive seen one from a show in mivw but theres a difference in how the face has been done
  12. my very clever boyf made this today instead of scrappin his old engine he recently had his dog put down that the family had for 13 years so made this for her as a memorial to go in there garden what do ya think lol
  13. I can't believe I had to miss this years one! Im so gutted!!!!! Matt I hope your goin players I wanna be nosey at your car it's beautiful!!!!
  14. me me me! im with renegade dubs well be right where this pic has been taken by the hanger! our stand in this pic is from the right of the pic right up to the silver rado!
  15. my first little pic in a magazine lol
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