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  1. Wheels sold, coilovers are still for sale, Looking for £100 for my coil overs, they are JOMs but in good condition, helper spring is out in the front and rear spring has been cut one coil (sits perfect in my opinion) Car will be for sale after christmas again as i am wayy to busy at the moment to sell it (plus that means more p for a better automobile)
  2. Wheels and coilovers are for sale, pm me or message me on 07808541636
  3. Yeah, i've settled on a mk2.5 sport i think black with a hardtop, was meant to sell my car saturday but the guy duped me over and just never turned up No i haven't yet, but they may be for sale pretty soon
  4. Everyone gets a mk1 though :/ it's hard to find one that isnt an import aswell, also the mk2 is faster and it has more luxuries involved I was thinking of getting a mk2 and be different It's literally the hardest decision of my life haha
  5. Thanks! I'm getting an mx-5 sport Still undecided on a mk1 or mk2 mx-5 though :'(
  6. Car is now officially for sale! £1650 ONO, I'll do the write up etc later, but i am at work at the moment Coilovers are for sale too and wheels may be for sale, but i may be putting them on my new car when i get it
  7. Oh and if any of you were wondering about the caddy, this is what it looks like now...
  8. Car is now ll back to standard, just sorting out some finances then it should be up for sale
  9. Cheers! Bored of it now though, want something fast, but i have insufficient funds.
  10. Havent been on here in ages, Havent done much, lowered it as much as i can, cleaned it 912839012 times, was pretty proud that when i went to gti inters a few weeks ago, i was told i was the only car to beech my car whilst entering, and then my mate josh comes along in his crazy ass polo on turbines It's annoying that it doesnt look that low in pictures, but hey ho new car as soon as i find out if i get kept on at my job, otherwise its the bus for me! whippeee here she is ( taken on a pentax p30t 35mm with 200 asa kodak film with a fixed 50 lens)
  11. Took this whilst down at Newquay, taken on a pentax p30t 35mm slr using kodak 200 asa film with a fixed 50mm lens
  12. Thats an awesome wheel choice man, looks fresh!
  13. That mx-5 looks so nice, makes me want to buy one so badly aha
  14. i love the back of my car now, aha it looks so much better in person, i love my little car aha next thing is definitely seats though, im thinking retrimmed mk4 recaros or something, i'd love to rob my sisters boyfriends clio rs seats yeah ive heard mixed reviews of admiral, but at that price i cant really complain aha
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