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  1. AFAIK it's a matter of LHD/RHD cars (ESP and non-ESP respectively). Don't know the reason behind it tho...
  2. All LHD GTi's came with ESP. No idea how easy it is to retro-fit tho.
  3. SDi's are ok as long as you know how to drive them (i.e. anticipating every hill and every other driver's movements before they make tem). Inferior to both TDi engines available on the Lupo. To be honest, I think they're only better at reliability (as they will last forever, basically )
  4. They're quite expensive in Spain... doubt you'll find a 3L (not broken) for less than 3.000€
  5. Probably a working one with a TüV will be around the same price as that one +making it roadworthy. Less hassle too
  6. Get a whole 3L and use it there!
  7. Aluminium indeed. Here you see the shape difference better
  8. For the grill you'll need the whole bumper. To fit the bumper you'll need the front wings (or work on yours) as the shape is not the same...
  9. Do you know if the FSi gearbox is the same as the 3L? Welcome, by the way!
  10. Fresco centres, polished lips. I'd prefer silver centres and polished lips, but I guess that option has long been forgotten
  11. Blue Loop

    GTI Upgrades

    Always a fan of the RX's! I'd paint all that aluminium matt black to keep it as OEM looking as possible
  12. Just a couple pictures to let you all know this one is still alive and well. I treated it to a good clean and polish this summer while I was on holidays
  13. More options? You mean you couldn't get an open air Fresco Green TDi in the UK?
  14. Glad you're here to cover for when Rich is not being Rich 😆
  15. Bienvenido! Bien mantenido te durara mucho, ese motor es eterno
  16. Blue Loop

    GTI Upgrades

    One of the most interesting threads lately, keep up the good work LR5V
  17. Some Lupo Cup cars were painted Fantasia Green
  18. As long as they sand and prepare it properly I don't see why it couldn't be repainted. If you have condensation / some LED's not working on the third brake light, make sure you get a new one fitted while you're at it
  19. Could be worse. At least it hasn't been cut up and then put up for sale.
  20. 03 should be Tornado if I'm not mistaken. But to be sure do as Rich says, check the sticker in the boot
  21. Welcome! That looks nice and standard. Don't worry too much about aircon, been there done that (in Spain) and I'm still alive
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