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  1. LewisManslow

    Lupo GTI modifying from scratch advice

    Sounds good, im hoping for around 140hp with the mods I have listed above - what are you currently running? Also would be great to have a link for the head and came. Will look forward to hearing your results!
  2. LewisManslow

    Lupo GTI modifying from scratch advice

    Ok first of all, hello everyone. Just bought a lupo GTI and am obviously interested in modifying it. Have been browsing and have most likely come to a decision on the mods I would love to purchase - they are as follows. Kam Racing Manifold 200 cat Kam Racing "Grams" exhaust system BMC CDA induction kit Eibach Pro lowering springs Uprated Brakes (recommendations welcome) Some sort of remap (would this be required/increase performance after the aftermarket parts are fitted) My questions at hand are, 1. How much Horsepower gain would I be yielding with all these modifications in combination? 2. Is there anything I am missing or you think would be good for the build? 3. How much would the following modifications cost to be fitted? 4. Any personal experience on the above modifications? Thank you so much In advance!

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