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  1. Saw this thread has gone quiet and I realised that I haven't shown anyone my Lupo since joining. So here she is, my 1.0 standard Lupo.
  2. Old topic I know... Was this ever found? I'm an amateur on Photoshop but can try and give something a go over the summer after my exams. I do A Level Art at the moment but that doesn't mean I'm amazing
  3. I would argue that white would look wrong. I would go for a gun metal grey colour. Looks dead smart though. I would take the whole strip off but I'm really not sure just yet. They are quite useful sometimes as I have to park right next to a wall with my drivers door and it just saves me alot of hassle because I know the strip hits the wall and not the paint. I've recently been sorting all the tiny bits of rust out on mine.
  4. I've just been doing this job at the weekend. There were the common rust spots on my car, Roof front left edge in the gutter, and both back arch sills. All I did was sand it down to metal, worked out the rust wasn't terrible, fill it in with filler (the usual golf ball to a pea) and I took my time on masking it up once prepped. Primer on, nothing special, more sanding, then more primer to build the layers. Waited for it to dry and put the first layer of topcoat on. Weekends work really. Leave it to dry for a week like I am currently. Then I plan to add another layer of the topcoat (blue in my cased mixed at a specialist paint place for about £17) and just spray the area smoothly basically and make sure it doesn't run. Once I have finished that, I will use teacut to smooth the edges to blend it. I'll post photos if anyone wants. I've started the work but haven't finished it quite but I think it looks alot smarter than it did as It looked tatty before I did it.
  5. Have you tried your local scrappy? I have got a few of my less vital parts from there in good nick too. It's generally cheaper and if you are getting lots of stuff scrappy's normally overlook them and don't charge for little pieces.
  6. Thanks, I don't doubt your expertise. I will have a check over more thoroughly but sounds like it may have to be the temperature sensor. Would that explain not having any current going through to the fan then? As effectively it would be a variable resistor I assume to make it go on and off.
  7. Thanks Dan, I'll let you know, my insurance isn't due until about March next year I think so have a while yet but hopefully I can get a deal to get me off my black box as it's a pain right now. I don't drive like a yob at all but yet my age and stereotype has to make me suffer
  8. Okay, well glad you solved it. I've got slightly different symptoms so I hope I don't have to fork out my savings for this. I'm currently restoring a bit of the bodywork on my car anyway as the guy I bought it off didn't have a clue how to mask up and prime or sand down for that matter so now I have the dry weather, I'm fixing and finishing the job to my standards. So not really driving my car as much recently as it's masked up and that.
  9. If you're in need a cheap alterator because yours isn't working go to your local scrap yard and get it there from a lupo. That's what I did when mine went. Didn't cost much and it was a do it in your driveway job too, hardest bit was getting the belt back on.
  10. Did you find a solution to this? My 1.0 Lupo has what seems like an identical issue, apart from I haven't overheated yet. Checked the fuses, they are fine. I have put a voltmeter across it and get no reading so the issue is there but don't know how to diagnose it as I would expect a reading and got nothing.
  11. Fixed the rear wiper wash today @Lupoboz. Was a pipe fallen out in the end but a right pain to find under all the trim. So that's that sorted but with everything you fix you find another problem. I ended up finding that the fan doesn't turn on even after the temperature light comes on. And getting a voltmeter across it it shows nothing so theres a problem there but I've driven at least 2000 miles with it like that we assume and haven't had any problems. Edit: Fuses are all fine.
  12. sounds like a big job to fix a small part that I don't use often. I'll call it a day at trying to fix this one for the time being.
  13. I'll do some sourcing. It's not a major issue the temperature thing yet. I'm just trying to get everything working. Back to the rear wiper wash, Think I've found where it's coming from. It is coming from the left side in roughly the middle of the car and just leaks through a drain hole I assume and down the left side of the car underneath. Don't have a clue how to get to these part of the pipes.
  14. Thanks, My parents bought a Golf from you so know exactly where it is. I am currently finding the leak, it's towards the front more so is likely to be the pipe popped off or broken. Seems an easy fix for that part. I'll keep investigating. Although its 16 years old I can honestly say I feel my car is in good shape. The Gear box has a slight whine in 5th and we all know these sounds and issues. I did have it checked at a gearbox specialist but they said it appeared to be fine. Sometimes 1st gear seems hard to select going from 3rd to first for example while slowing down but that is likely to be because the gear ratios in this car are rather short. The clutch doesn't seem bad at all either 50/50 travel I would argue, the bite is nice and easy to feel. I forgot this problem, The temperature gauge is really temper mental, majority of the time it doesn't work. Won't read anything. I suspect it's a loose connection somewhere but these cars hold their temperature really well. Never had it seem too hot at all.
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