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  1. Looking great John, Can't wait to see the car! Yeah, I did do apply sealant inbetween each bolt hole too. Didn't want the things leaking after all the pain of bolting and torquing them up!
  2. Lee_

    lupo gti doors

    My Lupo has always been like this too, guess its just normal.
  3. The shape is very lupo-ish. Looks as if it has an interesting powertrain tho
  4. Heated mirrors were a bit slow, so had a pair of new mirror glasses, and had a reverse light switch. All taken care of by warranty.
  5. The dunlops are pretty dire but could well have been lift-off oversteer.
  6. I e-mailed AAT a while back when i saw that and they said that they weren't able to supply one for AVY engine.
  7. Any pictures of the adjustable top mounts fitted? Not seen them done on a lupo before.
  8. Arosa's were mainly built in spain, Lupo's in Germany / Belgium. Make of that what you will...
  9. Why do all silver GTi's look like a different colour below the lower seam line? Thats always annoyed me.
  10. I've got these all round on the standard wheels and rate them highly, much nicer than the standard dunlops. They have done around 15k now and still have some life in them so don't seem too bad.
  11. Lee_

    please help

    There is a recess behind the VW badge but not a hole.
  12. Lee_

    open air issues

    Hi, There don't seem to be many Lupo open-air's around so you may struggle getting answers. There we're quite a few Polo open-airs so it might be worth checking out a Polo forums as I would imagine the roof's are similar.
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