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  1. i'm not convinced it'll make much difference to be honest...the rides quite firm as it is, i dont see it making a big enough difference, if it kills some understeer then yes but lets wait until i have some better tyres first.
  2. definately....i obviously cant compare them to the other kits but they had an abundance of grip. dont expect them to stiffen the car up loads though they'll be a more compliant ride than most coilovers but the damping was spot on....they almost had a threshold where if you pushed hard or was aggressive with the steering they seemed to firm up. i would definately say buy them it made the lupo so predicatable when on the limit and significantly improved the cornering over standard.
  3. lol your on, maybe saturday maybe next see how it goes but i'll defo pop over........ keep an eye out for the lupo GTi for us 'Y185 FEF' maybe you could get me to walk out the door with 250bhp under my right foot we'll see lol.
  4. cool.....so your obviously gonna recomend a map with yourself's so what do you recomend....and do you have/can get hold of any grooved discs to suit the AP calipers (i want as few grooves as possible) .....ta
  5. yep i'm aware of that, thanks for the pointer if your open of friday (i wander) i'l pop over in the morning.Ii'm getting a little ahead of myself here, it first of all could do with some new discs and pads but most places dont seem to have the 312mm dia' disc listed (unless i search for TT i think). but yes i want to comofortably break the 200bhp mark, i'd also like the power curve to not be so 'flat' it doesnt feel that involving driving it like a deisel.....just with a longer power band lol.
  6. Yep ive been pretty much everywhere flat out in it, but i need to calm down now. i'm looking a revo stage 1 remap to start with, or i may just cut straight to stage 2 but undecided yet. ive got to get used to the car first. i learnt my lesson with the lupo not to modify it too much so for now i think a remap will be all thats done.
  7. ive done nothing but drive this weekend after picking it up i went to oulton park to watch a bit of racing then went to altrincham (greater manchester) then back home to liverpool then just spent the night at a freinds in Derby. the thing that has impressed me most is how good the steering is, its precise, fast and a suprising amount of feedback considering how light it is. I've also discovered that the ABS either doesnt work or it is ridiculously lenient. (i hit the brakes at about 60 i think) and the lovely four pot callipers allowed to leave an '11' mark down the road as the wheels locked....the brakes are amazing.....even catching double takes from people in petrol stations. it's gonna take me a little getting used to such a different driving style to the lupo as this car seems to almost be intended to be driven like a deisel as the torque is delivered in one fell lump at about 3k and the power curve seems flat from there on, but it still pulls like a train in any gear and the performance in 5th was a pleasent suprise, the torque certainly is the engines strong point. i hope to adapt to the car soon as 25mpg is gonna get expensive especially as it has an appetite for super unleaded. as for the suspension i see absoloutley no need to modify it, its great. Not that much body roll and plenty of grip, only a track day will tell though.
  8. WOW....what a car! its only standard but i can allready say it will happily keep up with a 240bhp alfa gt!!! bit of condensation in the lights but nowt major
  9. http://vimeo.com/10444132 ive just uploaded a breif test video above aint great but the better videos last abit longer before they get muddy
  10. er, possibly, but the car charger requires the battery to be seperated from the camera, if i can hot wire an adaptor straight to the camera that may work...lets have a look.....so what do you think is the best part of the cupra? ive tried uploading them to you tube and vimeo but they seem to take forever
  11. thats a really gud video, ive got a bullet camera, (shame the camera doesnt seem to hold charge for long) and ive got a couple of videos of the lupo with camera mounted on the sill behind the front wheel. the quality aint great and all you get is wind noise. i take it the microphone on your cam is obviously in the car? how many laps did you do? you got any cool pictures of your cupra (stupid question i know)
  12. cool, so not much needed then to sort it out. is it an awesome rear anti-roll bar? i think ive just found a video of you going round the nurburgring on you tube, is this you?
  13. well its official, finance has gone through, so as of saturday i'll be enjoying a 50bhp power hike, shame the ibiza wont handle as well as the lupo but that will be resolved i bet your ibiza has a sub 7 seconds 0-60 time then Siimo.... have u done owt to the suspension?
  14. cool, what re-map have you had to get that impressive figure?
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