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  1. Decided to make a few upgrades to the M. Did a lot of research on the forums and the main improvements to be had for my budget were Vibratech engine mounts. Rogue rear top mounts and Rogue rear trailing arm bushes. I also installed a Gruppe M induction kit was sounds pretty fantastic. Video below. Lastly I had a geo done and it's now purrrrrfect The engine mounts have really helped the gear change. I went for road but they also do a race mount. Lovely engineered item and felt the difference immediately. The cost of motoring in the M has been surprisingly cheap. The car insurance is only £280
  2. When You sell this? I will buy it off you.
  3. Which track is that? After the series finishes I might spec it up to take on a bigger track
  4. Hi All, Been a while since my last post on the forum! Thought I would see if there are any members with Pitbikes? Here is my little beasty... Entered the Matchams Race Series which is 9 Races starting in March. Bikes have to meet strict race rules and are £1500 all in with a transponder and using an old set of Road leathers. Second hand bikes are around £350-£600. Pretty Cheap racing really.
  5. I'm sure more time spent in one and keeping it in the power band of 6500-9200rpm you would do better. Peak power is at around 8300rpm. If u were on the road it's hard to shake a car. I had a S3 up my bottom and didn't put any gap on him in my M even though there is probably 70bhp difference. BHP counts a lot once u get into the realms of 100 mph+ other wise it's very hard to spot the difference. At a track where u can consistently put 0.5 of a second out of every corner and hit an extra few mph more than a chasing car it's pretty clear where the extra 30-100 bhp shows up. On the road it's not
  6. The problem with the S2000 seats are they are not very adjustable, they go back forward and that’s it.... The BMW seats in my M have adjustable everything including making the base longer the seat higher and all electric. Also the S2000 had an annoying lump into the foot well from the gearbox which used to get in the way on long drives.... I did love the S2000 gearbox and I had mastered the heal and toe in that car.. I have tried to repeat that in my new car but the brake pedal is too proud and therefore I press the brake pedal too hard trying to reach the accelerator... The S2000 is a lot qui
  7. The S2000 bonnet is lower than the Z4M, I also agree its slightly annoying... It's like driving a speed boat with the bow up! Interested to know what you thought was disappointing in the S2000. To me the down falls were Brakes wind noise with roof up or even with the hardtop installed. Fuel Consuption. Road Tax bracket. Roof clips are still manual. Stereo. Paint seemed a bit thin. Suspension felt too hard and unrefined. Wet driving a bit deadly.... Even with Tyres above road legal limit 2-3MM of thread the back would easily get out of shape and motorways become very dangerous if you hit standi
  8. I agree, Silver is still the best for the Lupo Gti in the metal...
  9. I have owned 2 S2000 and a nice car, but its an Old car now... don't forget they were made in 1999 and have changed very little over the years... Just a slight tweak here and there. I had a 2000 Reg and an 2006. Total of 80k miles worth of driving in them... Would be great if Honda had made a replacement... But it would have to be more refined and use better materials. The leather wasn't that nice and also too much cheap plastic.
  10. Thought I would start a New Thread, So I have managed to put 2000 miles on the Car this month. Average Fuel consumption is 25MPG - 29MPG on a tank. I have seen 32MPG on a couple of motorway journeys... That’s keeping the car at 70MPH. This is probably on par with the S2000, again the road tax is £465 but the servicing costs are considerably more... £234 for a Oil service and micro filter change. Needed every 15000 miles approx Inspection 1 Service is £669 Every 2 years Inspection 2 is £900 The gear box is a bit clunky in 1st and 2nd gear but really nice after that.. It pulls very nicely in 4t
  11. Decided to let the S2000 go. The mileage had reached 55000 miles and after another wet summer I decided to part company with the S2000. It was a sad day as I have many fond memories of S2000 ownership this being my second venture and almost 80,000 over both cars it was time to try something different. Anyway firstly I had a bit of an impulse buy the previous month. I added another Ducati to the fold... My 749R is still in the lounge and almost finished, Needs a Dyno Tune to allow for all the Engine Mods.. I wanted something for everyday road riding and luckily a very nice Monster 1100S turned
  12. Probably bored ****less of my Duke build. I know bikes are not everyones cup of tea. But anyhow for those who might be interested. I popped in to drop the Ti DP rear sets off and to see the progress on the airbox install. It's in but waiting on pipercross air filters. It's not completely back together yet. They have done the clutch cover and the slave cylinder. I am looking forward to the bike coming home. Some iPhone pics.
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