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  1. So got my new car Audi a3 8p 1.9tdi Air ride - sold Wheels still here and car, all in classifieds:)
  2. Decided that I'm selling up and moving on sooo will be splitting the car as in wheels, air and car on standerd suspension, pm me if intrested!
  3. This came up on Facebook so thought you would like it, car looked amazing
  4. Good to hear you are inside mate congrats Will have to have a look around
  5. Looks really clean and modern mate top work As Ross said try a resistor but be carefull.
  6. Cars looking sexual mate Top work!
  7. Cheers bud They are mate Cheers Sure you had some like these Thanks, need to get my front arches rolled as I drive quiet low and keep catching the arch when cornering. Will get some better pics soon tho
  8. Wheels are now fitted Had a problem when one wheel decided to leak air when fitting yesterday but got it re-sealed today so. All is good Some pics but not the best as on my iphone and was getting dark Really liking how it sits but the rear end is slightly higher as it's sitting on the tyre wall but gonna play about with the camber Also my gti wiper arms came and looked abit dull: So as soon as they arravived I took them in the garage and sanded them down and started painting and finished them today. Results: Came out really well and look a lot fresher! Just found out my brother in
  9. Haven't posted on here in a while and have a thew updates Bought new tyres this week and arrived on Wednesday, went for Nankang 165 55 14s Got them fitted yesterday at a friends gargage, only took 4 of us to get them on the 8J's haha Pics of wheels: Stretch on the 8J's And 7J's.... Gonna clean the wheels tomorrow, give them a polish a seal them with poor boys wheel sealent and if the weather isn't s**t I will put them on and see how it sits! exciting times! Some other goodies I've purchased: New spigot rings and bolts for the wheels Also the other week I was cleaning out my garage a
  10. I have 14x7 et15 and 14x8 et20 rsl cults and not sure on what size tyres to go for as I'm on air also. I was thinking 175/50 on the 8j? Any help would be appreciated
  11. Cheers guys They won't be on till about march next year which is depressing but good things come to those who wait
  12. It can be a number of things tbh mate, have you checked for leaks? Does the car let out blue smoke? Could possibly be piston rings, stem seals if it's burning oil.
  13. Today she went into winter mode P slots are now on and spaced out but on the upside she's sitting lower air'd out (Please excuse how dirty she is) While I was putting the p slots on I thought it would be rude not to trial fit the cults, only tried out the one 8j on the rear and was very pleased All for now!
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