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  1. Would like my late wife’s cherished Lupo to be purchased by member of Lupo club who would cherish it and display it Lupo meetings etc.The car is unmarked inside and outside as new.Same family from new ,only 700miles from new.









      Sorry 7000 miles from new,I am 86 years of age and it’s catching up on me.

  2. I'm going tomorrow silver GTI Dan.
  3. danboy

    Gti lambda probe

    Hi all My new to me gti needs both lambda probes replacing at the same time ☹️ I'mooking at ordering 2 bosch ones from auto doc as they seem to be the cheapest Any recommendations? Thanks Dan
  4. They are a nightmare arnt they we have done them a few times on other cars atleast these little cars are easy to work on
  5. It was £9 and £11 + vat for the valves Hopefully I'll get them out the head this weekend when I can get to my workshop
  6. got a quote today £200 just on valves need to strip the head make sure its ok before I make my mind up
  7. danboy


    please delete
  8. hi all gti has suffered a cam belt break that's bent every valve so I am after a gti head or valves are polo gti heads the same ? cheers dan
  9. Gti Drivers side door glass ? possibly passenger hub / wishbone / driveshaft
  10. Do you have a passenger gti wing pref silver drivers gti door glass 2 gti alloys probably going to need passenger wishbone / hub / driveshaft maybe even a subframe cheers dan
  11. can anyone tell me the part numbers for blue heated stubby mirror glass i have the 125mm mirrors both my mirrors have stopped heating up and its bugging me big time and winters comming its only going to get worse dan..
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