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Vw Lupo Press Cars


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I mentioned this a while ago. So today I had some time and I have compiled every photo I could find of lupo press cars. With thanks to the following sources


Men and Motors YouTube channel

Top gear (old and new)

Honest John


Car Enthusiast.

Drive Tribe






Lee Cooper (Facebook)


Volkswagen Audi Car magazine

The Golf



Magazine Exchange

Car Magazine

What Car Magazine

Vw Lupo Owners club facebook (not maintained or affiliated with clublupo.co.uk)

Morgan Rowlands (Facebook)

Blade (ClubLupo)

matthewrspca (Clublupo)

Volkswagen Driver

JB1.0e (Clublupo, for the tip on Volkswagen driver)

EVO Magazine

James Bransby (Facebook)


So lets start with the easiest ones. The ones where we have registrations for. (Not L*UPO series)

T61DBW. As appeared in Car Magazine in June 1999 as a comparison test against the Toyota Yaris. Also featured in What Car? July 1999 against a Ford Ka. It is 1.4s, it does have a three seater bench seat fitted, also unusually had heated seats fitted too and Air Con. Dvla cannot find anything but it was on the road as recently as February 2017 (Scrapped)


What Car July 1999.jpg

T62DBW. As appeared in Volkswagen Audi car magazine and Top Gear Mini Test (August 1999). It is a 1.4s with a rare three seater bench seat fitted and heated front seats. UPDATE - Since found a current picture of the car. It still retains its original 3 seater bench seat. But It looks like it has been modified with lowered suspension and 15" wheels (according to advert). Pic since added.  Advert is on last post. Needs a new gearbox..

Vw  Audi Car.jpg


T63DBW. As appeared on Men and Motors. Its a 1.4 Petrol. This car has since been scrapped (2009). Although however the mileage was low at 27000 miles when the car was scrapped. So I think I am safe in saying it must of been in accident

Men and motors.png

X554CBW. As appeared on a VW accessories brochure. It is a 1.4 Sport. Sorn since 2013. It had a votex grill (similar to ABT) and spoiler fitted as an option. MAJOR UPDATE 11/3/2018. See last page of thread. Also this had light grey interior.


X904NJO. As appeared in What Car? April 2001 against a Citroen saxo. Also appeared in Car Magazine April 2001 against a Peugeot 106 gti. Still on the road as of 5/10/2017.


X907NJO. As appeared on old top gear with Vikki Butler Henderson testing it and several magazine articles (probably the most well known). Also appeared in the last article about the Lupo Gti (autoexpress 24th January 2006 "Canned but able"). It is a 1.6 GTi. Been off the road since 2009.


Y924DWL. As appeared on Men and Motors being tested by Richard Hammond. It is a 1.6Gti. It had leather interior fitted. Still on the road as of 29/12/2018. Update. After running through the registration plate through a free check it came up with a private plate. It turns out it was Alex's (Aka Fatttty) old gti. Here is the build thread for this. Update 2 - Since found out this was EVO's fast fleet car. I have seen one pic of this but I have not copys of the magazine as of yet. Update 3 - it was another members on here. Goes by the name of DB and ran a private L7PCY. I did find the orignal thread but there is few photos.

men and motors.png

Y937DWL. As appeared in Car Magazine July 2001 and What Car August 2001. Both Multiple comparisons of cars (both had minis in the test). It was fitted with Aircon and cd player as a option. Still on the road at of 24/11/2018

What Car 2001.jpg

Y938DWL. As appeared in Autocar Vw Lupo Gti vs Vw Golf Mk1 gti and Autocar MG ZR vs Lupo Gti. Did a regcheck and came back as nothing. Could be scrapped or on a private plate.


OU03EZZ. As appeared on top gear in the tdi vs petrol challenge and magazine articles.  It is a 1.4 Sport (not sure whether it was accurate considering it would of been better tested against a 1.4s). Still on the road as of 28/8/2017



To be honest. This one I heard a rumour back in 2016 that this was a press car. But no evidence had come up until recently. Thanks to JB1.0e and Matthewrspca. This has now been cleared up. It was used in Volkswagen Driver Magazine to review the 6 speed box. Here is a pic of the article and how it stands today. Still on the road as of 17/5/2018. Whether this is L6upo or not remains to be seen (no evidence as of yet, but it does have every option like L6upo)

Vw driver.jpg


X42NFC ***New Find***. This a very recent find. Found in Vw Driver Magazine Jan 2001. It 1.0e. This is the best picture I have currently. Still on the road as of December 2018


Vw Driver Oct 2001.jpg


V43RBW ***New find***. Thanks to James Bransley for this one. As featured in Autocar 20th October 1999.  It is a Yellow Lupo Sport with Standard Tim and Tom interior. Also fitted with Nav unit (not available as an option in the UK I believe). The review was done at Dungness. Still on the road as of 29/12/2018. Any further info on this car would be appreciated.


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New Sources added . X904NJO, X907NJO and Y938DWL updated.
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Ok .This is where it gets rather complicated. Lets start with L2UPO

1st one is a green 1.4s as appeared on Men and Motors as tested by Richard Hammond, also it featured in July 2001 issue of Volkswagen Driver.. This one is probably the most unique lupo out there as from the video. I could see it had light grey leather interior with side air bag and solid headrest. This can possibly be the only of its type.

Men and motors.png

2nd one is a black Lupo Gti as appeared in press photography of the time. I can tell it is a Wolfsberg built car. I have seen a photo of the interior (on honest john website). and this car was specified with Aircon.


3rd one is a red lupo gti. As appeared on drive tribe. Another Wolfsberg built car. I don't have any further details on this one as I have no interior photos etc.

drive tribe.jpg

4th one is a silver lupo gti. Found on Alamy stock photos. Another Wolfsberg built car. It has a sunroof, leather interior (with side airbags) and aircon. This one we actually have some more information on. It was mentioned in the thread linked. Real plate was OE02 ... Is owned by Steve C. Also further information has come to light. A picture of it being tested by Tiff Needell none the less! Extra picture added. Thanks Autocar


As it stands today. (29/8/2017)



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Updated info on 1st Lupo (1.4s)
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1st Car is a 1.4 Automatic as featured in What Car Magazine November 1999.Tested against a Toyota Yarris and a fiat cinquecento. Believed to be a S spec because of side trims. Also a small picture appeared in Autocar 20th October 1999, but on a flyer inside. It is under "Car Price Index"


2nd Car (X376XJO) is a 1.4 Lupo Sport in yellow as appeared on old top gear being reviewed by Tiff Needell. It also featured on men & motors review by Ginny Buckley. This one is another unusual one in that it also have leather interior too (colour concept 6mins in). The plate was removed from the car on 4/3/2002 and transferred to the car below. The car was recetnly up for sale and sold for £500. The seller was going to break the car but that did not happen due they did not have time. Since subsquently made road worthy and back on the road.


3rd  car is a 1.4 tdi lupo in blue as used by Jeremy Clarkson in the TDi vs petrol challenge (Top Gear) and it was featured on men and motors show car file in a review by Brendan Coogan. It also has a sunroof fitted and aircon. The last I heard of this car it was in Northern Ireland. The member was R-P who owned it. After reviewing the thread he go an offical response from Vw confirming what it was. He did post pics at the time but these has since gone down. But the response in the attached thread.



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Yellow Colour Concept Sport Found.
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Updated. 1st car is a Yellow 1.0. As found on parkers It had a 1ltr engine fitted. Also probably the earliest use of this plate as the headrests are solid (standard on early lupos). Update 1. Also as featured in Volkswagen Audi Car magazine. However a slight change was added in that it was fitted with Sport Raider wheels. Whether this is the same lupo or not I cannot be 100% but there are too many similarities to say other wise (same interior etc). Update 2. Was featured in Autocar March 1999 test by Chris Harrs no less and to confuse things more, also featured in Autocar 14th April 1999 as a different reg T51JEP. Now I am 99.9% confident this is the same car. T51JEP is a plate that was used by auto car on various cars, in the March issue it was used on Silver Mini test to Spain. Pic of the car is now attached. Every detail I can see looks identical. Thanks to James Bransley for pointing this out. I found  the cars real registration by chance because of the sister car registered T75DBW which sort of made me wonder whether there was others registered around it. Which T76DBW was. I then did a check and I cross checked the chassis number for this car and the sister car (T75DBW) and the chassis came back as the car I was looking for. Still on the road as of 1/2/2020.


Vw Audi Car.jpg


2nd car is  green 1.4 lupo sport. As found on honest john. Also in autocar magazine Sept 1999. It is another early lupo as it has solid headrests. Also quite an early sport as it has light grey tim and tom interior. It was on here under the owner of Marky82. It last used on the L4UPO plate in July 2000. Original Registration T35DWL. But this reg was not coming up. Then I remembered who purchased it. It is now on reg L22UPO. Car is currently sorned but still in existance.

honest john.jpg


Lee Cooper.jpg

3rd car is a green 1.4 lupo. As found on honest john. It is the one I know the least about. It has a open air sunroof and leather interior (so cannot be an E so either S, Sport or Tdi).  The car later photoshopped to appear blue. Page 5 shows how i uncovered this.

hoest john.jpg


4th one is a Silver Lupo Gti as featured in Car magazine October 2001 hot hatch of the year test. This car is fitted with a 6 speed transmission. It did go through to the final 5 but it went against a Mini and a MG ZR. It does not look to have aircon fitted. Cannot tell regarding interior. 



Edited by lupo1.0se
Update on both Yellow and 1.4 tdi green/blue (due to major debunk)
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The first car (press photo found very recently, featured in Evo August 2000) was a bit of suspicion. I thought I'd do a free check. It came up as having a private plate L5upo fitted. Another press car. The reg is OW51LCZ. My suspicion came about because of the leather interior as I had one exactly like it (with side airbags etc). Here is a pic. It was last used with the L5upo plate in June 2003. Off the road as off 29/12/2018. The owner is on Facebook but I am unsure of its current status.

Evo June 2000.jpg

2017-08-30 08_15_27-Lupo sport _ in Worcester, Worcestershire _ Gumtree - Internet Explorer.png

The 2nd car is a silver Lupo Gti and probably second well known to X907NJO. It is a Wolfsberg built car. As found on many websites including parkers. Cannot see any optional extras fitted. Also featured in "the golf magazine" and Vwm. From the pictures I have seen this car had no optional extras fitted.




VWm engine.jpg


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More info on yellow lupo sport. Featured in EVO Magazine
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L6UPO. (Finally there)

1st car. New discovery. Whilst on the search for lupo open air cars. I found T65DBW. Now knowing T63DBW was a press car I made enquires and it came up this one had the L6upo plate. So another press car to the list. It did feature in Autocar magazine May 1999 and Top Gear Magazine October 1999. Autocar mentioned it included air conditioning and alloy wheels as optional extras. I have seen interior photos and it looks like a dark grey interior with green centres, with 3 seater bench seat, and it had heated seats installed too. It was last used on L6upo plate in April 2000. UPDATE. Currently for sale (31/3/2018). New pics on Page 3. Has been fitted with leather interior from a gti or later sport at some point in its life.

Was owned by Tom1234177



***New Find *** 2nd car is a Blue Lupo Tdi. This I found whilst searching old Volkswagen Driver Magazines. Pic attached. This car is not the same as L3upo or L4upo due to they had sunroof/ open air fitted. Also being a earlier tdi this would be fitted with Tim and Tom interior.

Blue SportTDI.jpg

3rd car is a Red Lupo gti. From what I can tell it is a wolfsberg built car. Also it looks like it has leather interior too. This is not OY02JCJ due to this appearing in artciles before OY02JCJ was registered.


4th car is a silver lupo gti. A Belgium built car. As found on parkers. It has red interior and air con fitted. Parkers have a lot of pictures of this one. Update - plate for this car is ox04akj and us owned by a member called 'Blade'. Pictures to come shortly. Plate held from August 2004 to July 2005.


Update. Pic supplied of the car thanks to blade. More pics on page 3.



Edited by lupo1.0se
Update on red lupo gti (Not OY02JCJ) and blue tdi (due to debunk of L4UPO green/blue tdi)
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And the now the pretenders. This one was not a press car although it appeared in many articles online (including RAC website). The number plate was quite clearly photo shopped on. Also to further add. The number plates for the L*UPO series where sold on retention many years ago. that's why sometimes you see some plates active (case in point is L3UPO which is now a silver lupo gti. A member on here called clairy fairy)


A bit of a new discovery. Although this one does not really fit in the above for the following reason. Its left hand drive. It featured in What Car magazine February 1999 (first lupo in the country by possibly). S112JWN. However when doing a reg check comes up with nothing which is odd considering this car defiantly had a number plate. Whether this is the correct plate remains to be seen. But the arosa in the photo does exist as a comparable. What else do we know. Its a a E spec. But not much more (interior gives that away)

what car feb 1999.jpg


W303WDB (ABT Developed Lupo). Considering it does not fit in the above but fits perfectly here. I thought I'd put this find here. It was Developed by ABT for modification etc.

Featured in Vw driver Magazine Jan 2001. Has not been on the road since Jan 2015. So could be out there or could be scrapped?


Jan 2001.jpg


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W303WDB added
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2 hours ago, jon_273 said:

I have a tv recording on VHS somewhere of a Lupo that was tested on Driven in about 1999. I wonder if it was T63 DBW.

Could be. I may of missed a couple to be fair. I also have a dealer vhs of the vw lupo too....

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On 28/8/2017 at 9:08 PM, lupo1.0se said:

The l*upo plates turned out to be quite complex in the end

I bet!

Spanish VW press GTi's are very easy to spot. They were all specced the same way (flash red, no options, red interior) and had successive number plates :)

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Ok. I had a suspicion about a particular car. I thought I'd do a free check. It came up as having a private plate L5upo fitted. Another press car. But no photo of it with the plate. But here is a pic. The reg is OW51LCZ. My suspicion came about because of the leather interior as I had one exactly like it (with side airbags etc). Here is a pic. Still on the road as of 30/8/2017

2017-08-30 08_15_27-Lupo sport _ in Worcester, Worcestershire _ Gumtree - Internet Explorer.png

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1 hour ago, FlipFlops said:

There's a guy near where i live with a gti with one of those Lupo plates. I'll see what it is, dunno if the cars got any famous history.

Interesting. If its L3upo that would claires old one. Also L4upo is still on a lupo. The others are not coming up as anything on dvla. But it does not mean they might of been press cars. The easy way is to do a check and see if they come back as a previous plate.

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Isn't it annoying. When you find a article. But it has flash bounce back. Here is said article. I have bought a couple magazines. I hope they yield more info. If anyone is good with photoshop and can remove the flash bounce back .Let me know. 11th July 2001 it was published.



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