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  1. Hey people, I'm having issues with my Arosa not heating up when I drive. I had an issue last summer where it was overheating, and the easy fix at the time was to remove the thermostat. Now in winter, having a cold car is not so comfortable, so I got a new thermostat put in. Then it started overheating again, so we did some research and found all the culprits for overheating in Lupos/Arosas. This list included: faulty thermostat, faulty water pump, airlock, and faulty radiator. We tried to bleed out any air using methods found online, some posted by supposed VW specialists, with no success. With a new thermostat that seemed to work just fine, we replaced the water pump. Still overheating. Then we gave the radiator a second, more thorough test, and learnt that the bottom half of it was gunged up. That has now been replaced, and finally it no longer overheats. However, now it will not warm up normally. We managed to get it to heat up to 90C by revving a quarter tank away, and finally blow hot air into the cabin, but on any length drive, it won't warm up. What could be wrong? Any suggestions much appretiated. Thanks Sam
  2. Ah! Thank you for the info! I'll see if I can find one from VW supply, as the ones sold by CWS are not what I'm looking for.
  3. Ah yeah, I've seen that style, but I'm not too keen on the gap, I prefer the duck tail / lip look.
  4. The GTI spoiler is different to both I mentioned here, isn't it? GTI one has the brake light ontop rather than underneath (preferable), would it fit an Arosa? Thanks
  5. Hello, I'm looking for either a Genuine VW spoiler or one of the old MS Design spoilers that are now discontinued. Wanted for my Mk1 Arosa. I found this post where rapidebrothers showed a Genuine VW Accessory spoiler they had just fitted - does anyone know the part number for it so I can try and track one down? https://forums.clublupo.co.uk/index.php?/topic/91313-non-gti-spoiler-for-lupo-14s/ I also found this image of the specific MS Design spoiler. Are they the same spoiler? If anyone knows of one going / where to find one, please lmk! Thanks, Sam
  6. Hello, it's me again I've got quite the conundrum going on here with the doors on my Mk1 Arosa. It started when I was installing some new original mirrors to my passenger door (old ones were not correct at all) and I noticed that the interior panel was different to my drivers side one. From what I've gathered recently, my drivers side is a correct panel with the domed hole and the lower two clips being 'slide on', just like all the Lupos, Mk1 Arosas, and Mk2 Arosas I've seen. My passenger side panel, however does not have the dome at the hole and the lower two clips are push in alike the top clip. This wouldn't be an issue as I'd just put a domed one on to match, but the holes in the door for the clips are lower altogeter. No other door I've seen is like this... Now does this mean one of my doors isn't original? I thought the drivers door was actually replaced when I first noticed this as there are many other things that imply it, expecially when the pasenger door seems very original - until you realise the mirror panels. It may also be worth mentioning that the adjustment knobs were smooth with a rubber grommet style cover when I bought the car, whereas I know they should be ribbed with a spring and plastic to go behind the dome. Ignore the mirrors themselves, I'm cleaning up my best ones currently. My drivers door: My drivers panel: My passengers door: My passengers panel: Any help appretiated as always! Thanks, Sam
  7. Best bet as always is to find a car going for parts with the sticker still intact and hope it comes off without tearing. I did manage to find one although it did tear when removing, ruining the' SEAT F2' portion. I'm using the oter half on its own though and unless you know otherwise, it looks correct.
  8. Hey again, I'm wondering what the chances are of sourcing one of those apparent 'dealer' stickers found on the rear windscreen of Mk1 Arosas and Mk2 Ibizas? Maybe someone here has some knowledge behind them. Thanks, Sam
  9. Hey, thanks for the reply! We managed to install them successfully yesterday and it was a lot easier than I thought it would be. When we opened up the tweeter grills and had a look at the speaker mounts, it turned out that the previous owner had left some old Pioneer tweeters in there. All be it one was mildly attached with a couple cable ties, and the other had fallen into the void below, both with dried hot glue all over them - bit of a botch job. Luckily, however, they had done a really good job of soldering the exact inline crossover wires that came with my new speakers onto the mount, ready for a hot-swap of speakers. The door speakers were some VW Isophen speakers (I thought OEM Arosa speakers were Blaupunkt?) and they had also been connected with an adapter cable to use the correct two small connectors. Tested my speakers with the current wiring and it sounded perfect, just as it should, so I cleaned up the tweeter mounts, mounted my new ones properly, and mounted the woofers in the door with success. Unfortunately I did find that begins both upper and lower driver door cards the foam sheets had been completely ripped out exposing the large access holes so I'll need to replace them. Next job is cracking down on new mirrors as my current ones are an awful excuse of a pair. They're scrappy ones picked up by previous owner and are completely destroyed internally. They fail to mount to the door properly and leave gaps as they do not sit under the seal at all. I've been looking for some new ones but I want original ones that I know will fit and have the correct UK stubby & wide setup. Anyone know where to look? Is it worth making another post for them?
  10. Hey people, How do I install my new speakers? I've grabbed myself a pair of Pioneer TS-A1600C component speakers to replace the original speakers in my MK1 Arosa. The previous owner had upgraded them and then put the originals back in when selling it so there are plastic adapters already installed allowing enough depth for my Pioneers. I'd assume the tweeters are also back to original (not sure if previous owner ever changed them) as I haven't checked yet but if they were upgraded, they probably weren't a component set. I also upgraded the reciever to an Alpine UTE-200BT and depending on the result of simply upgrading the standard speakers, may also install an amp, but that's for another day. I know that the woofers will fit the doors but I'm unsure that the tweeters will fit the original holders in the dash. I want to keep them hidden under the grill and facing towards me, but how? The next bit is where I have little understanding so would appretiate any input as I am very keen to learn and do this properly! The set comes with in-line crossovers and I have no idea how to wire them in... Or where the standard wiring runs behind the dash... So what panels do I need to remove to do this, and how do I wire it? Thanks, Sam
  11. Ah okay, new Arosa seats or should I get something else? I'll have to look up if they ever made an Arosa with plain seats, and then if I could find them... The first thing I did when I got the car was thouroughly wash it inside and those stains, let alone the patterns, aren't budging.
  12. First of all, I've found that searching for anything seat related for my SEAT give Google a hard time. Fun. Both the front and rear seats in my Arosa are stained all over from previous owners and I'm really not a fan of their pattern - I'd prefer plain black or black & dark grey. The previous owner had gotten some really cheap Lupo covers expecting them to fit and kinda roushed them on so I re-fit them, swapping the driver's and passenger's around as the release lever is lower on Arosa seats, cutting my own slits in the correct place. Thing is, they're falling apart and will not stay in place due to rips and whatnot. In my own attempt to look for new covers, I always get ones that supposedly fit Lupos and Arosas which we know won't do. I'm wondering if y'all know of any I can order online that will actually fit my car? Something simple and clean? Thanks 🙂
  13. Aye yeah haha no worries, you think that's alright to buy though?
  14. I wanted to grab a grille for my arosa and was wondering where I would find one? I see its quite common that people have replaced their arosa grille but the best I can find online is a few ebay listings with no reviews. Reckon this would be fine to buy? Or am I missing something here... https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/Seat-Arosa-6h-97-00-Black-BADGELESS-Front-Grill-Grille-Debadged-Gitter-No-Logo/2263628880?iid=173398708501&chn=ps&norover=1&mkevt=1&mkrid=710-134428-41853-0&mkcid=2&itemid=173398708501&targetid=594043210550&device=c&mktype=pla&googleloc=9045663&poi=&campaignid=6466412155&mkgroupid=76195604863&rlsatarget=pla-594043210550&abcId=1140486&merchantid=113518215&gclid=CjwKCAiAjMHwBRAVEiwAzdLWGBWpORb7lDBzFOfnAQ5Mzv8PxKQmRx5EKQb_osWVIfs28HBnBlVi4hoCHZ0QAvD_BwE&thm=1000 Thanks again
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