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  1. Thanks for the information.
  2. Good morning all. Will my vw 2001 ,1390cc be able to continue to use old fuel or will I have to switch to E10 fuel.
  3. All original except tyres changed 3 years ago because of age.Due for M O T tomorrow only done 5 miles since last M OT.as I was due to go in for hip replacement which was cancelled because of COVID not used because of lockdown.
  4. 2001reg.Lupo s auto 3 door hatchback 1390cc petrol.sunroof,alloy wheels,only done 7000 miles from new same family from new.unmarked car just out of the box.I am 85 years old and drive an Audi q3 so not using Lupo enough.Just wandering what’s it worth.
  5. How to remove rear wiper blade
  6. Hya all. Lupo 1.4. Unable to start .Garage traced fault to heater element in crank case breather pipe.Disconnected pipe.Informed me it would be ok . Jimbob.
  7. IThanks for the info Pete. The car is auto so no gear gaitor.advice much appreciated.JIm.
  8. Hello Pete.UP to three years ago car had been laid up for a few years.A old lady owned the car and had go into care.when she passed away she left it to the family. The car is good as new.MOT last year had to change all four tyres Caused. By separation or partial failure of its structure.the tyres any wear on the tread. Past MOT Thursday but had advisory. Parking brake lever has little reserve travel.Rear parking secondary brake imbalance requirements only just met.It appears that the braking system reqieres adjustent or repair.I have owned the car for three years and the brakes seem ok to me. The car is auto so l select P and apply the handbrake. I have year a year to sort it will have a look at it when the weather improves.James.
  10. hia all FROM JAMES BROWN.6000 MILES ON 2001 LUPO AUTO.
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