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  1. You sir, are a superstar! Ill pm you his address and mine
  2. Long story short, I cant drive at the mo as Ive just had shoulder surgery. I won an amp and sub combo on eBay but im only after the amp. Its based in Chiddingfold, Surrey, and im in Bedfordshire. Just wondering if theres anyone out there whos driving to/from that area from mine or in the general area that could pick it up ? Your welcome to the sub as I already have one that the amp is for. Any help much appreciated. Thanks Gav
  3. Was from a member on here a while ago. Think it was a custom jobbie.
  4. Yes mate I'll be there but not in the Loop. Will be in my old dears vauxhall wagon of love
  5. The hazard switch clips into the original housing so when it's unclipped it's like a barrel, you could relocate it anywhere you wanted to its that manoeuvrable.
  6. DVD head unit would be perfect. This is only for the Lupo, there's a cutout for the hazard switch so it just pushes straight back in. Would be posted but 2nd class recorded as its a big item.
  7. Id go £60, basically the screen is just like adding a monitor to a PC, you need to have some kind of video source for it to be able to show a picture. Other than that you could hook up a playstation or xbox or something to it and use it that way with no problem, the RCA's for the screen could be wired in to your set-up so you have like surround sound xbox or something in the car, the screens still got the plastic sheet over it too so its mint under there!
  8. Make me an offer mate. Very easy to replace. One screw behind the headunit and the whole lot pops out.
  9. I ended up chopping the rears on my Lupo about 5 months ago, never had any problems. The springs with the TA's on the rear just dont go low enough, nothing wrong with chopping as long as you do it properly
  10. a) £70 + postage b. Bedfordshire c) 07918104599 d) Never been used, brand new in the box, £115 from Awesome GTi Holla!
  11. Anyone know what M size the Lupo bolts are? M14 etc?
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