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  1. I've checked eBay etc. but there's not much on offer, any good sites that sell for arosa/lupo or will I have to get a custom built one?
  2. yeah checked everywhere, small wheels aren't too popular up here, every one runs on 17's or 18's+!
  3. yeah I guess, was contemplating coilovers as well but the roads to my house are just too shite! I scrape already, and if I have a passenger I struggle to get in my drive!
  4. something bbs style or borbet, has to be 14's though because I can't afford new tyres as well! Saving for my bike! !
  5. haha yep, just need to find some new wheels now! can't find anything up here :-(
  6. yeah, just been out, I can actually see where I'm going now! Woohoo!
  7. the 8000k seems to be a reasonably white beam of light
  8. yeah all seems good, ballasts are securely tie wrapped in place, wasn't keen on screwing them to the car to be honest! now just have to wait till it's dark and try them out!
  9. Got them today, used a hole saw and drilled a whole in the back of the cover, the wire harness came complete with a grommet so everything is sealed up good and proper. there was no way you would be able to squeeze the ballast and wiring behind the cover! Hole saw is a must! I used a 23 mm
  10. well I'm still waiting upon the arrival of my kit, will let you guys know how I get on!
  11. I've just purchased a set of HID's for my arosa, I've been wondering if the ballast will fit in along with the other electrical components with the back cover or do you have scrap the clip on cover?
  12. I have the new exhaust, Sportex for Lupo. I don't know much about Seat's or Lupo's but the pipes leading to the center section dont match up, the seal clamps on the standard exhaust are maybe 6-7 inch's down the pipe form the back box but with the new exhaust the pipe is alot longer and the seal clamp is much closer to the center box. All the mounts seem to line up fine and the pipes are the same shape just the lengths are different. Just go all out and cut them to fit????
  13. I've had this problem since i bought the car and i can't get to the bottom of it! My passenger full beam light is out, ive changed the bulb and changed the fuse and it still doesn't go! I took it to a local car parts shop and they couldn't find the problem. Also the full beam light on the dash rarely appears when they are on, could these problems be connected? Starting to bug me as im always blinding people!
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