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  1. Hi was just wondering where the wires are in the boot for some new speakers I've bought to hook up to on my parcel shelf. It would just save me pulling out the boot interior looking for them. Cheers
  2. . Yea mate I have I don't know how to upload photos but just go on google and type in vw lupo rear light covers then look in the images. They look so much better I think
  3. Buy some wind deflectors really easy to fit they're cheap and look good. Also if you have side strips on your car doors they look naf I took mine off and looks nicer. Maybe some rear light covers, spoiler and a good t-cut and polish
  4. Thanks but I've just found one now thanks though
  5. Right ok thanks guys will keep a look out
  6. Hi guys I'm trying to find a good looking roof spoiler for my lupo does anyone know any websites for reasonable prices?? I've got a budget of £100 and already looked on eBay but not much. Help please many thanks
  7. Right ok thanks for the advice guys
  8. Hi guys I saw a lupo the other day with yellow indicators instead of the standard ones like the headlights. They looked smart but was wondering if they are legal ? I've heard that you can't have yellow headlights but not sure about the two front indicators ?
  9. Hi guys just wanted some advice on where to find some nice looking badges for my vw lupo. Any websites you know? I've got a black lupo and would like a black badge with the inner part of the badge blue for the front grill but can't find one. Also seen a LED badge on ebay that's chrome but lights up blue at night that looks sweet but doesn't fit a lupo anyone know any places, websites I can find these ? Many thanks
  10. Check this one out mate. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VW-Lupo-Sportex-Exhaust-Tailpipe-Boxsta-Centre-Exit-/271439924100?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item3f33148b84 It fits on a standard lupo under the bumper. Just to give you options
  11. Right ok I'm hoping it's slightly louder but will have to wait and see but I'm going to make a cut out in the bumper so it doesn't sit any lower. I've got some nice trim that will go round the cut out to make it look neater. How do you put pictures on with your comment I can't seem to do it I'm on an ipad by the way if it makes it any different. I would like to show you guys the sportex exhaust
  12. He is right actually just found out sportex have a sweet looking exhaust that goes round the wheel well.
  13. Right ok thanks for the advice guys
  14. Im getting a 1.0 vw lupo within the next month an I would like to get a centre exit exhaust I've seen one I really like but I could do with changing the back bumper. I was told I can cut a space out the standard one but it wouldn't have as good of a finish. So do I get a gti bumper or lupo sport edition bumper and do they both fit the 1.0?
  15. Yea could you please that would be good but does it fit a vw lupo the seat interior? They're nice actually thanks for that
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