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  1. What a find and on E-bay!! Welcome, good buy. Enjoy your time here. And get I also would suggest to get it rust proof.
  2. Not the brightest of the shots, but those are the only obes I've got at the moment.
  3. Yes, I have read it and still without success sadly.. I also have talked with RAB and he's suggesting that it could be the clutch itself, clutch sleeve or bearing itself, or all together, haha. So it's a hard guess untik I disassemly everything and have a look.
  4. I've recently bought a used 3L from a really nice lady. The first thing I checked when I bought the car was "how much gears I can select before the hydraulic pump starts working again" and it was 6 times! Then I drove the car for about 2 weeks and I was driving in the city and the car just lost gears. Since then it has been sitting in a garage. It's at my wife's garage, where a fellow, who fixes our cars is taking a look at it, yeah, he is no 3L specialist, but the thing is he has another friend who has worked on this cars.. Okay, the story is not about that tho.. It all happened like that, sometimes when the engine/gearbox was cold as per winter it had problem going from 1st to 2nd gear, if I did the switch in tiptronic mode, then it worked perfectly normally afterwards. The first time I lost gears was also while I was driving in the city, but then I didn't know anything about the 3L, which is a problem also in a way. It happened so suddenly, it was going through gears like normally and just randomly lost acceleration and was like in neutral/still in gear, but pressing the gas pedal, only the RPM went up and nothing else.. Then I stopped the car, switched off the engine, I still could start it in N position or in STOP like normal, I also checked how many gears I could switch before switching on the engine. Then it was okay for about 4-5 days before it lost gears completely. When was the last basic setting done? No clue. Then I toed the car to my wife's parents place where it stayed the night, looked through the internet that a quick fix is disconnecting the battery which "restarts" the computer, which fixed the problem for a few meters. When I was at a stop sign, I started accelerating and it failed switching from 1st to 2nd gear, I could even feel it. Now the thing here is that our mechanic is saying that it could be the clutch, because the car has 250k on the clock, when was the clutch serviced? No clue either, it as the same as guessing how many beers I had last weekend (which I didn't), just as an reference. Now the funny and also the problematic thing start with that I tried to do basic setting by myself, but I did everything according to the "list" which is provided bay Ross-Tech, when the connector next to the pressure accuator is disconnected the voltage for my clutch was at 2.1V instead of 1.8V-2V, which didn't seem that bad (that is what I thought at that moment, sad life) and continued with the basic setting, oh I also forgot to mention that the voltage went lower not instantly, but like it took around 10-25 seconds for it to get down from around 4.2V to 2.1V, and then there's the second step where I have to do ajdusting/re-tightening of the nut, which I didn't do at the time, because I didn't know where to look... And then it gave me RFTM 12! at the end... Now the engine doesn't start, I can get the car in neutral, when I put it in reverse the R is flashing in the dashboard and when I try to put the car in tiptronic mode with the ignition on, it doesnt show numbers "54321" like it should, but show's like it's still in D with "RND54321".. What should I look out for? What should I do? I'm just clueless. OH, and a big thing to add, is that in the hydraulic tank inside is the wrong type of oil, which was provided by the seller, when I bought it. It's a red colored "automatic gearbox oil/fluid". Now I have bought the specific hydraulic oil by SWAG refered to VW standart oil. I will try to get most of the old oil out to put in the new. I also did the basic setting a few more times after some days of studying. I will also post some pictures and videos later just as reference to my problem. Big thanks in advance, Authopsy! Sorry for any mistakes in the text, because I'm not a English speaker. P.S. - I copied/paste this message, because I sent this directly to @RAB also, just want to hear any other ideas and opinions as well.
  5. Ar first I also felt a little scarce about the car, but when I sat in and had a first drive around the city, I was amazed. Small, but very nice to drive and practial, and also spacious even for it's size.
  6. Hey, Maccaman! Sounds like a pretty sleek plan, good luck with everything.
  7. Hello, bunglebus! Nice to meet you. Hope that you enjoy your stay here.
  8. Hello, everyone! My name is Alvis and I'm from Latvia. Recently I obtained a sweet, small car called Volkswagen Lupo 3L. I immediately fell in love with it. Bought it as a second hand car, love the thing. I'm quite a friendly person, open to new things and positive about most stuff in life. I also recently started to understand more about cars - how they work, electronics etc. I'm more keen on computer electronic and mobile phones per say. Not a geek in any way, just interested in those things and also I do repairs on my own devices and sometimes I give a helping hand to others. My second car is a Opel/Vauxhall Signum, also a really lovely car. For the most par that's it. Thanks for taking your time and reading my greetings. Oh and also I'd like to mention that I'm not an English speaker, I just have known English since my childhood, but that's it haha. Cheers!
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