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  1. Azmk1

    My first lupo

    I managed to borrow a pallet pump truck, as I don’t have an engine hoist,which made removing the engine/gearbox much easier. With the old engine removed, I separated the gearbox and began the process of reattaching it to the replacement engine. This took longer than expected as the gearbox was heavier than I thought it would be. After around 30minutes I finally managed it. It then took me another 1 hour of fiddling to place the replacement engine and gearbox back in the vehicle and secure to the mounts
  2. Azmk1

    My first lupo

    Quick update everyone. I managed to make some good progress over the weekend. I called a local air con specialist who removed all the refrigerant from the system. This allowed me to remove the front lock carrier.
  3. Yes. Thanks. I had a feeling it was M8 but wanted to be sure before I purchased the spline bit.
  4. Does anyone know the size of the bolt which connects the drive shaft to the gearbox. Engine code: amf gearbox code: exb
  5. During my research on workshop infomation I came across this website with elsa files. Only some manuals are in English. https://vwts.ru/vw_lupo_6x_6e.html
  6. Azmk1

    My first lupo

    You’re right. Ac is useful for a few weeks a year, if that. Thanks for the comment regarding the colour.
  7. Azmk1

    My first lupo

    Thanks for the reply mk2. Dropping the engine from the bottom does sound difficult and I’m not confident I will be able to do it. I think I’m going to get the refrigerant professionally recovered and take the engine out from front. The lupo cost me £250 and the amf engine £200. The engine comes with a nearly new clutch and has had its Cambelt replaced recently. i don’t know about a build thread per se but I’ll update this thread as I progress.
  8. Hello everyone. My name is Az and I have finally purchased a lupo. I had been close to buying a vw up on a few occasions in the past but I knew i would regret not buying a lupo instead, as I always felt the lupo had more character and was better built. The lupo I purchased was a project and I wouldn’t have gone for it, if it wasn’t for the colour, laser blue. The car is a tdi and I purchased it with a broken engine/turbo. I have a replacement engine/turbo ready to fit and I have started to begin the process however I am having difficulty regarding the AC.
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