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  1. Liberator

    HU55 new joiner, long time GTI owner

    52 plate Lupo GTI in Raven Blue.Only had it about 6 months now.My main car is a Mk7 Golf GTD.Sp the wee one only comes out very rarely. Lupo GTi's are very rare up these parts.Can't even remember the last time i saw one.
  2. Liberator

    HU55 new joiner, long time GTI owner

    I think their slow rate of decline proves how much owners value them and maintain them. I wonder if the ones coming in from Japan are starting to dry up a bit now.I don't know how popular they were in Japan.
  3. Liberator

    HU55 new joiner, long time GTI owner

    591 on the road.241 SORN'd. (Figures from howmanyleft).New here myself so that's 2 of us.😃
  4. Liberator

    Lupo Gti wanted

    That looks like a good buy.Only thing putting people off will be the very short (April) MOT.I'd get it done and stick to the price.Unless they are expecting it to fail on something big......
  5. Liberator

    Where's my car?

    Middle row.Black car 9th car down (next to the red one).Looks like a Lupo!.

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