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  1. Ed said he can't make it now but I'm definitely still up for it. I missed last year and I've already turned down a shift at my 2nd job so I'm really looking forward to this
  2. Weekend 1. Silver! - Lupo GTI 2. REDLooP - Lupo 3. Sarah_Diamond - Lupo GTi 4. Ed - Lupo GTi (if I can convince him to attend!) Sunday Only
  3. Haven't been on here for a while but I'm up for this sometime. Was just thinking the other day I haven't seen anyone for ages. Been feeling like all I do is work these days!
  4. Are you guys still going to this? I'm still trying to work out if I can make it tomorrow, probably won't convoy if I go, will just turn up and park.
  5. It won't be now I don't have to be in Magor services at 10:30!
  6. I'm still gonna just pop over for the day I think but will be ringing Ed to find you all Looks like I might be going on holiday the week after so won't really be looking to stay overnight as can't justify the extra expense.
  7. Yeah, I meant to put myself on the list! Thanks. I've always tried to subscribe to topics but it seems to not want to work for me!
  8. I could be tempted with this....(providing I'm not going home that weekend) But will probably need reminding closer to the date lol. Never been to Bristol Volksfest. I'd be ok to meet at Magor as well as I'd be coming from Cardiff :-)
  9. Sorry Shaun, we went on the SW-CC stand. Should've stopped and said hi though!
  10. It's more than likely going to be mid-afternoon, waiting for confirmation but if we want to do a run around Brecon it'd be nice to have daylight for some photos etc. And if we stop for food then food would probably be in the evening....
  11. I have the HTC One S, no problems with my clock as I have it set up to automatically get the time from the network. It's been charged every night since I got it 8 days ago (release day) and I've not had any problems. I'll let you know if I get any issues though
  12. Ok, I subscribed to follow this thread and it never told me that the last 4 weeks worth of replies had happened! I'm there for definite :-) elliecjno1 - Newport Huw Pugh - Newport LoopEd - Wiltshire shaunsprules - Swansea Super-Luce - Newport Vee Dub - Newport Azzii18- Machen/Newport caryleighton - Bristol ??? (jamie) - Monmouth James827 - Newport R77YSJ-Rhondda Sarah - Cardiff
  13. Yep, that was me... My first spotted for a while Was on the way home from UD as mentioned - what were you in?
  14. Page 3, had to attach a picture of my car as can't get onto photobucket for some reason so can't get my interior pic (and don't have one of the engine bay as it's standard).
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