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  1. T5OPY

    My Lupo GTi

    please ignore the sunburn, just started a new job and as soon as i get in comfortably it'll be in the workshop having plenty of love
  2. Black lupo gti spotted heading to newbridge, drove past me as I was pulled into a bus stop in a red gti
  3. T5OPY

    My Lupo GTi

    thank you steve..ive herd such wonderful things about Vienna, it sounds beautiful. i think its a must see while im passing thru
  4. T5OPY

    My Lupo GTi

    Yeah they would be great for that mate but 231 is a brilliant price I would definitely have a look first.. What part of Austria you from Steve? I'm looking to travel Europe this year an Vienna is on my list endless you can recommend another area?
  5. T5OPY

    My Lupo GTi

    ok mate cool i'll keep an eye ou... nice, i do love a mk2 i went with the cheap £200, pretty pleased for now but if you plan on keepping your car i would say go for AP or try and find second hand KW's
  6. T5OPY

    My Lupo GTi

    cheers mate, yeah it has on those photos. i just fitted the coilovers the day before and when i dropped it i didnt pull the hubs out enough but its all good now Hi James, yes welsh and proud. i'm from rogerstone up by the 14 locks. where you from? i did have it lower but theres a tarmac speedbump at the top of my lane and i couldnt get over it... well i went with fk and i thought i was going to regret it but there surprisingly good, i may change them to avo's one day but im happy for now. just waiting for my new shoes for the front to arrive
  7. T5OPY

    My Lupo GTi

    i've been home 3 months now but i haven't really had chance to do much. i have fitted coilover, my plate and some rain difflectors. gave it a good polish ready for this brutal weather.. looking forward to spring so i can get some paint work done and possibly wheels ?!?!
  8. yeah too right, its october high chances of rain.. fair enough mate, well i'll let you know wen i book my tickets
  9. looks interesting, as long as my cars good when i get back im def keen...you looking to show yours? if anyone wants to show you just got to email info@showandglow.co.uk with a brief discription with a couple of pic's
  10. T5OPY

    My Lupo GTi

    this link is a clip with a clio sport on 3 set's of tyres, give's people the results of why to pay for the better tyreok great, the last thing i want to do is roll the arches so perfect.. dont suppose when they sent you the spacers did they contain the actual dimenstions? Yeah we should, could also be called "OEM + the right way" thanks mate, yeah ive read so much about these it seem's to be a must have
  11. T5OPY

    My Lupo GTi

    oh custom sounds pricey, im looking at the ashley of a 1.4 sport. read up and apparantley it fits. i went for the wrong coilovers fk, just wanted a set ready. kw are far to expensive and i should of bought ap but i will do once im home and back in work. cheers silver well looks like 17mm is the best option, it doesn't say online but do they come as a pair or a set of 4? i only want to space out the rear. avons are nice tyres, made by cooper i think. vredestien are what i would like but i find toyo are just as good
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