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I assume despite being voted in there's still the actual 'judgement' from UD to go inside?

Be bad craic for the club if this is the admission test.

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Obviously they won't let cars that aren't up to it in. Usuall deal.

Due to the large number of people going in s&s on there own or going on local club stands we don't have much interest as we did before.

Slight shame but hey ho.

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Cheers for the votes guys. Much appreciated. Can't wait to show off the new interior!

We got declined with our application so I hope they let us on the club stand lol.

Do you still need tickets if you're on the club stand or do you get sent some?

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Inside people don't need tickets iirc, as they are exhibitors.

Outside people need to pre book a ticket. That can be purchased through me, and that will confirm the place on the stand.

Indoor people too get hotel rooms at a reduced rate. again when finalised I will e sending out the forms.


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