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  1. Ill be going, not sure if ill be in the lup or the rado though
  2. As opposed to hidden in a locked garage? Wowzers I've really got to re-think where I park
  3. On the drive was cheaper than garaged?
  4. Black box's what a load of bollox! If they are so useful why only a 100 quid back? If you've technically peformed like what they would expect someone who pays 300 quid a year why don't you get 700 back?
  5. loepan

    mud flap moron

    Only have one set, thought this myself :-)
  6. loepan

    mud flap moron

    hi, im having a brain fart of sorts....and cant believe i'm asking got some mud flaps (oem) I was assuming fitting them would be a case of removing the arch liner, slotting in-between plastic bumper and arch liner, screwing back up? the top part of the mud flap has a sort of lip, I cant seem to locate that correctly? it doesn't seem to have any where to go
  7. don't know whether its possible on the lupo, but to combat problems with hot air,on other tdi's ive heard of leaving the existing piping to the air box, take the internal part of the airbox out including filter, extend the plastic tubing to inside the air box housing with a cone filter on the end of that, then drill air box base or wherever the cold feed is best. seems a lot of flaff tho'
  8. 1st off roof bars? or roof rack? if its a rack pm me if its bars stick this in the classy
  9. still got the roof rack? wanna sell it so I can use it practically
  10. Can you hear the pump priming when you turn the key
  11. The standard checklist should apply really Maybe rust in arches or around the boot handle, or roof sills Any dash warning lights, If its lowered budget or not check out the suspension look for obvious differences in hieght ride or leaks and appreciate the fact the ride will probably be harsher than your used to Is it 1.4 tdi?
  12. Welcome What engines in it, nice colour, what's 1st on your list Exeter and newquay?
  13. http://forums.clublupo.co.uk/index.php?/topic/60025-lupo-tdi-air-filter/
  14. I did as you said rich, my neighbours have called the police and now I've been arrested What should I do?
  15. 14 smallest- for daft lows,crap gaps 16 biggest- not so much daft lows unless arch work Personally goldilocks 15" just right. But all depends on preferance
  16. Update....alloys will go on soon
  17. Nonsence, I've owned loads of tdi's all had straight through pipes and passed Why bother with all the welding bollox,what happens when your front section needs replacing, just get a custom straight through? Lifetime guarantee Job done
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