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    'Delilah' The black 1.0 on hydraulics!
  1. I have a full set of the dark grey and red seats if they're any use?
  2. Nothing much going on here, car's currently sat stuck at work with a hydro problem so i'm not so happy with it right now haha! Got a few non expensive bits to try before it starts getting real expensive!
  3. I've got dark grey (almost black) and red seats, front and rears if thats what you're after?
  4. I had a rattle and it was the boot latch, bit of electrical tape around it (bodge job) and it soon stopped!
  5. I found the ground loop isolator didn't work in the slightest with my whine, neither did running cables on different sides. I had to re-earth the outside of the head unit RCA cables, just did it onto the chassis of the head unit and boom, problem solved!
  6. ah I have that, well ish, at the moment! reclining buckets that were a cheapo ebay rubbish thing but they look a bit like mk5 r32 recaro buckets, good enough for a start, but thinking of maybe selling up this year or next, depending on funds!
  7. Ah fair enough! Might be a plan if I ever retire the Lupo as a playtoy rather than a daily then! Cheers!
  8. Can I just ask how you fitted the harnesses? Thinking about getting some for mine but not sure on fitting them!
  9. So the Lupo hasn't had much love in a while, redone the boot and got myself a boso exhaust but no photos! on the other hand the bike is 90% finished now, happy with how it's looking, just need to order my new air filter next week!
  10. Based on the fact it's a low mileage gti i'd go air, sensible driving height and silly low parked height, best of both worlds! Almost regret putting hydro's on my 1.0 since it's on nearly 90k now but it's still good fun!
  11. My lenso's are 7j et20, i'll sort out a couple of pictures later so you can see what they fit like, but they're pretty tight on the rear with stretched tyres and rolled arches!
  12. I made some brackets for mine, that bolted onto the front mount of the lupo and onto the top of the runners, that then bolted onto the runners that came with the seats, I can take some photos when it's a bit lighter tomorrow if you want?
  13. Its a case of cutting your old wheel well out and either getting a sport one to weld in or just welding a plate over the hole i think, not so bad if you can fabricate things well!
  14. Ah crap! Thats not good but I know how you feel! Almost 4 years ago i did the same thing with my first car (corsa, yuk!) but I wasnt so lucky, car was completely written off and i ended up with a bad neck and back like you! Hope it gets better soon!
  15. Could be because of the fuel tank being slightly to that side, mine sat the same on coils due to the higher weight that side!
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